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Depressed disease treats a method - cognitive therapeutics
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Cognitive cure is the psychotherapy method that psychology seeks advice from division to treat a design for depressed disease, it is current most the psychotherapy of be current, its treat the effect to affirm.
Cognitive cure is the academic hypothesis that affects affection and behaviour according to cognitive process, the method of a kind of psychotherapy of the undesirable acknowledge that will change a patient through acknowledge and behavior technology. It chats through utterance and patient of help of union of correctional technology photograph identifies behavior, examine and correct misinterpret concept, correct its acknowledge deviation or impertinent reflection method, make person of go to the bad gets ameliorative in symptom and behavior respect.
Cognitive behavior therapeutist says: Of psychology disorder, always be a foundation with ill-natured to reality understanding, from one-sided point of view judges reality and conjectural future, can bring about social malajustment. So, discover and correct wrong thinking way, it is the efficient way of return mental health. Have healthy mentality only, bring about healthy behavior, just have happy human life, life ability gives out more flowery brightness.
Cognitive cure is a foundation with the cognitive theory of Beck, thirdly fundamental:
The first, the intermediary that acknowledge is affection and behavior reaction, the reason that poses people mood and behavior problem is not incident itself, however the people explanation to incident.
The 2nd, acknowledge and interconnection of affection behavior photograph are, interact. Lose sexual acknowledge and affection, behavior to be strengthened each other, form vicious circle, it is the main reason that defer of obstacle of affection, behavior does not heal, accordingly, breaking vicious circle is a key of cure.
The 3rd, mood obstacle patient often exists great acknowledge is misinterpret, these acknowledge are misinterpret the real reason that is patient anguish, once acknowledge is misinterpret,get discriminating mixing correctional, mood obstacle of the patient is sure to obtain alleviate quickly.
Beck thinks: People from childhood period the cognitive construction that begins to be built through experience of life or schematic it is a kind of stabler psychology feature, formed people to be opposite oneself and the hypothesis to the world. What be put in people with specific formal lay aside is subconscious in. Because some hypothesis of people are inflexible, of the extreme, inactive, it is functional sex with respect to expression consequently maladjusted manner.
Maladjusted manner basically has functional sex the following kinds:
(1) frangibility, be like: "The expression that help of request of a person is weakness " .
(2) attract / repellent, be like: "The love that cannot get another person won't happy " .
(3) perfect creed, be like: "A person must clever, beautiful, rich, creative, otherwise very difficult glad to rise. Otherwise very difficult glad to rise..
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