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Depressed disease treats a method - behavior treatment
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Inchoate the behavior study to depressed disease takes aggrandizement seriously to inadequacy happens in the disease and develop the effect in the process particularly theoretically, think the generation of depressed disease decreases with adaptability, positive action not only about, and also concern with the addition of malajustment sexual behavior, in behavior treatment, advocate how is if allow a patient,the society changed or correctional impertinent behavior.
The behavior treatment that uses at treating depressed disease basically has the following 3 kinds:
1) accuse therapeutics oneself. Cure basically divides measure:
(1) ego is censorial and evaluate. Record problem act to reach what its appear to concern circumstance, time, character and its find oneself everyday; Arrangement does a few buoyant activities, achieve can dominate the activity that has active sense, censorial mood, learn to accuse oneself.
(2) ego aggrandizement. The ego aggrandizement item that directive patient needs, rise thereby and maintain the level that does the activity that has active sense; When achieving some to book a target, ego award, if depressed disease patient completes booked chore, can buy double sock or movie of guard the threshing floor.
2) gregarious skill and self-confident heart train, the view that if let depressed disease patient learn,expresses oneself, reject unreasonable demand, and assume responsibility actively to wait. Those who be used at depressed disease patient is self-abased the processing with gregarious and evasive behavior, the way that help patient approves with social place will express thought and feeling. Means of usable and collective psychotherapy undertakes. If use psychodrama form, be acted through the part and treat a disease.
3) social study therapeutics. Cure begins 2 weeks basically is to undertake behavior is diagnosed, censorial record mood of each days and activity, make remedial plan next, increase do a few glad things, change environment, make self-confident heart train, loosen training, increase social activity, time of reasonable arrangement work and rest, improving mobile ability of the patient and social skill.
Depressed disease patient's commonly used study intervenes the technology has:
(1) insist to keep a diary. Record affection activity case, include run-of-mill activity level, especially recreational activities. Include daily daily life, idea, did why thing, see He Ren wait.
(2) raise run-of-mill activity level, especially recreational activities.
(3) reduce processing unpleasantness incident and activity.
(4) build new ego aggrandizement way.
(5) loosen or train flabbily.
(6) improve social skill.
(7) reasonable arrangement and plan time.
(8) the training of cognitive skill.
Respective remedial target may be not identical, if loosen training to be able to use those who reduce a patient be stimulated to unpleasantness to hate rate; From confidence training, part is acted, set an example and behavior works but the gregarious skill of aggrandizement patient and make the patient ponders over a problem more hopefully. In executive process, need to choose according to affection, cannot take measures without attention to the changes in circumstances.
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