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Depressed disease treats a method - supportive sex psychotherapy
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This is eye ongoing travel is most, the commonnest psychotherapy method, have commonly usedly:
(1) listen attentively to: Psychological doctor and depressed disease patient are contacted, want to listen the patient's question above all, those who become good patient pouring out an object is crucial, a patients can abreact through pouring out the depressed meeting that pectoral middling pressure accumulates produces a kind of light touch, can second sufficient time listens attentively to understanding medical history, making the patient feels a staff member is caring and understand him. At this moment, the pose that the doctor is listening attentively to the blame language sex in the process to focus an attention and repeat, time narrate, the content that Baconian patient place interprets can conduce to improve open-eared result. Listening attentively to itself also is the core of all cure.
(2) the explanation is directive: Offer explanation and mental hygiene knowledge education through pouring out to concern body and mental problem to the patient, correctional about incorrect knowledge, offer proper guidance. Make the patient understands the nature of own disease, to treating the foreground know fairly well of rehabilitation.
(3) reduce go against encounter and painful: The mood that passes a patient is conveyed or sparse release reduces his psychological anguish or go against encounter. Be like: People encounters thorny problem or feel pessimism, sad when the setback, disappointed, but can feel a kind of complex mood such as anger and inequity experiences again at the same time, use verbal expression hard, the anguish that feels this kind of mentally even is even harder than sufferring the anguish on physiology. Its will concern an issue or experience expression comes out and encouraging is not depressive.
(4) raise hope: Be aimed at the inactive pessimism of depressed disease patient, lack self-confident characteristic, help them hearten, raise the hope that handles the crisis, the good qualities that still exists to the patient and advantage make his fixed come down with sturdy language, positive attitude. To unripe vivid help its learn " content with one's lot person Chang Le " . Cooperate actively to depressed symptom to medication.
(5) emphasize self-help: Encourage a patient to learn self-help and the ability that ego handles an issue. The patient often loses one's own view before the doctor, generation is depended on, at every turn wants a doctor or people is done advocate, this does the deal with problems arising from an accident of good psychotherapy to work with respect to need doctor, let a patient be not relied on " crutch " on foot, this also is all psychotherapy and medicationed ultimate goal.