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Depressed disease treats a method - human psychotherapy
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This is Americanism disease learns the home to be opposite for a long time in what be as long as 15 years a kind of short range that after depressed disease studies, establishs (12 -- 16 weeks) psychotherapy method.
A series of research discover, should be stimulated and lack a society to support human relation insecurity and marital crisis to wait, concern with the happening of depressed disease, both between the change that shows vicious circle.
Specific existence is undermentioned 4 kinds of human issues that concern with depressed fit.
(1) abnormal sad reaction: Point to as depressed as the mood that family member death concerns reaction. Normal sad reaction is to be restricted oneself commonly of the gender, exceed 6 rarely -- 9 months, the social intercourse capacity that can have provisionality drops, but do not need special help. And depressed disease patient exceeds normal sadness, sadness reacts time lasts several years even, need gives processing.
(2) the worry of human part: Point to a patient to concern with what mutual satisfaction lacks between certain person at least. Be like the contradiction of marital contradiction, parents and children, and the contradiction of colleague or friend. Clinical go up, human part worry is the commonnest in human problem a kind with depressed concerned issue, especially female.
(3) part changeover: Point to the change as the life, the social part of a person produces change. Be like a high school student or college graduate, leave home go to school, join the army, have a job, changes of emeritus, job, birth children. Most person can get used to the changeover of these parts, but some people often produce depressed show when facing these transitions.
(4) human concern lack: Point to the gregarious skill with necessary lack, cannot be built and maintain regular human contact. Generally speaking, companion has socialization evasive or close the depressed disease patient of segregation is otherer symptom of depressed disease patient is more serious.
The technology that human psychotherapy place uses is not technical special skill, they also often are the technologies that place of other psychotherapy method often uses, the skill that is like an inquiry, affective is encouraged and dredge. But reduce:
(1) the skill of the inquiry: The method that uses direct or indirect query will collect the data of concerned symptom and existence problem. Attention: The mood of the inquiry in chatting should natural, gentle; Means should successive, first indirect, run-of-mill query, undertake to partial issue next direct or specific aim quizs.
(2) affective encourages and sparse release: The help patient understanding and the affection that admit anguish, feeling that encourages its to express a depression, at the same time help patient learns to apply and handle active affection and human relation.
(3) transparent technology: In treating a gender to talk, remedial doctor ceaselessly the speech of repeat and feedback patient. The affection that is helpful for making it clear that sparse release of a few problems and help patient is depressed and still can increase a patient further the accredit to treating a doctor, and the feeling that causes a patient is resonant.
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