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The psychotherapy of depressed disease
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Overview: Psychotherapy method is in the depressed disease that the article introduced common effective the application in depressed disease cure, include: Run-of-mill psychotherapy, cognitive behavior is treated, support a gender psychotherapy, human psychotherapy, marital family is treated, psychological music cure. The psychotherapy that introduced adolescent and senile and depressed disease at the same time is politic; Introduce depressed disease the choice of psychotherapy method.
Depressed disease is a kind of disease that is main feature with remarkable and abiding mood obstacle, chang Youxing interest loses depressed disease patient, from the blame feeling, attention difficult, appetite is lost and have death or suicidal idea, other symptom includes the show of the unusual aspect such as cognitive function, language, behavior, Morpheus. All results of these change all bring about a patient the harm of human relation, society and professional function. In recent years, compete as the society intense with each passing day, all sorts of answering stimulate sexual life incident to increase ceaselessly, psychological pressure increases, make the sicken rate of depressed disease shows ascendant trend, it already became the serious illness that minatory mankind health and influence life happiness spend.
At present a variety of methods can treat depressed disease, after all which kinds of method is best to the patient, still need to consider the value of individual difference. The nowadays processing to depressed disease more and more tend medicaments and psychology seek advice / the integrated application of psychotherapy, operable can be reduced not only or alleviate the patient's symptom, and the psychological society that can raise a patient gets used to functional level, improve its life quality, it is to have cost most - one of means that the effect intervenes, be necessary to get take seriously and be popularizinged applied. The article summarizes the method of all sorts of psychotherapy with psychological advisory at present commonly used to depressed disease patient orgnaization and choice simply.
1 the method of psychotherapy
Psychotherapy method has the depressed disease of common effective run-of-mill psychotherapy; acknowledge goes to support a gender to treat; cure of family of marriage of; of psychotherapy; human psychotherapy; Psychological music is treated.
Before the psychotherapy with run-of-mill 1.1 is choosing intention manage to treat, remedial doctor should understand in detail and analyse medical history, incident of the individual character that includes a patient, life, human relations in society and behavior expression. Begin 1 ~ 3 times psychotherapy should treat sexual agreement with solving problem and formulate, clear doctor and patient are treating medium responsibility. The doctor contacts what since diagnoses to begin with the patient's first time, it is remedial beginning, the every time of doctor and patient contacts the psychotherapy sense that has broad sense, treat a patient, the doctor should hold to with " manner of psychotherapy sex foundation " . Among them patient, understanding, affirmation and hope are very main. The anguish that recounts to the patient (depressed experience) , approbate silently, often more advantageous than be being comforted simply, to the patient complain, complaint, the doctor answers to listen attentively to a patient patiently from beginning to end recount, the manner wants serious gravity, to having the patient of suicidal tendency, the doctor should discuss this one issue none evasive ground, publicly when the talk. Sheet relies on restricted measure to come to not be effective prevent the suicide, and the communication between doctor and patient commits suicide to precaution often very important, specific proposal means is as follows:
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