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Foreign psychology expert talks about depressed disease
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Although the society is developing ceaselessly, but the psychological problem such as disease of psychology of depressed disease, suicide, gender psychology, also appear to add much climate gradually. Clinical psychological expert should contact numerous psychological disease patient, having richer experience. To these psychological problems, 29 days of two Japan psychological experts express his view, and to table a proposal.
Be not introvert ability to get depressed disease
"Be not introvert talent to get depressed disease. " wine wood protects a professor to observe through old research, discover the disposition tendency before the patient is coming on, it is to work serious, pursuit is perfect. They do not fear to fail, but the responsibility that always thinks to fail depends on oneself completely, cannot cast off unsuccessful shadow, collapse oneself finally. "Why to mix as social development perfect, does depressed disease patient last however grow in quantity? " the doubt to the reporter, wine wood protects a professor to express, the person that these working that be free from anxiety seriously often gets social acknowledgement easily, obtain certain social class. But they often see oneself duty very again, be collapsed finally by responsibility. Clinical research discovers, after be promoted or buying a house, a lot of people suffer from went up depressed disease.
To depressed disease patient, need is in medication while, apply all sorts of psychology such as cognitive therapeutics to seek advice from remedial method, allow the one side that they see the thing is good, after buying a house for example, consider to still be borrowed not just, repair, cheapen wait for a problem, what see life of the joyance that buys a house, family is vivid even is delighted.
Do not say to depressed patient " cheer up "
Apparently look, spirit of depressed disease patient is dispirited, the mood is low, but contradictory struggle of the heart is very intense. Wine wood protects a professor to admonish say, ten million cannot say to them " cheer up " the word of and so on. Right way is to let them loosen, get sufficient rest.
"Living more afflictive than dying, ability can choose dead. " the motive to suicide, two experts explanation says, the viewpoint of value of everybody is different, but suicide sees a thing easily overweightly, once destroy or be inferior to wishing, often generate suicidal idea.
Experts say, in clinical in the National People's Congress that discovery chooses to commit suicide still holds a hope to something more, to this they can do their utmost to dissuade. Suicide often likes a person with premonitory, "This is to want to let a person save him " . Crying " I should die " the person won't commit suicide absolutely, just should convey " save save me " . Because the person all round this should feel these are premonitory exquisitely, listen attentively to them to feel acedia to what after all, try to help. ---Article origin: Health lives
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