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The turn of life is depressed disease
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General on medicine the female 45 - 55 years old, the male 50 - 60 years old of this age level, say for the turn of life. The turn of life is one of life important level, this phase changes on the person's physiology bigger, resist the immune function of the disease is reduced, the function of nerve internal system ebbs gradually, hormone level is reduced, often bring a series of the change on body disease and mood, still bearing to come from the job, study, family, marriage and society at the same time the pressure of each respect, also producing apparent change in mentally consequently. The age of the turn of life is having otherness on sexual distinction, this and body endocrine function and sexual gland function drop degree is concerned. Generally speaking the function of male internal system and sexual gland drops should compare a woman slow, should compare a woman because of what this man the turn of life comes later.
The turn of life is depressed disease is a kind of common spirit obstacle that happens in the turn of life. The turn of life is depressed disease patient often has certain body or mental element serves as inducement, most more, meaning incident and body disease; The patient often produces the change of physiology and psychological respect. The change of physiology function respect mixes with digestion, cardiovascular system more the clinical symptom with neurological plant is main show: Change of unwell, mouth doing, constipation, diarrhoea, heart-throb, blood pressure, pulse adds anorexia, epigastrium fast or decelerate, bosom coma of frowsty, limb, algid, calorific, sexual desire drops, menstrual change and sleep-disorder, swimmy, lack of power etc. Physiology respect change often appears before mental symptom, often develop as the illness and accentuate, what disappear through symptom of the body after cure is earlier than mental symptom also.
Depressed disease has the turn of life commonly disease is slow, develop gradually, course of diseases is longer, begin much performance to be neurasthenia shape, be like insomnia, lack of power, dazed, headache, irritating wait for all sorts of bodies unwell feeling. The patient often is a mood uneasiness of low, sullen, angst, excessive concern produces an accident, recall the past event with pessimistic and negative mood, comparative now, worry will come. Think oneself cross light last year promising, the job is very successful, and pass fifty years old now, west hill of seem " sunset, close already crepuscular " , mood dismay, thinking is logy, unresponsive, be not worth from sense energy, work ability not equal to one's ambition, right the thing that likes usually is carried do not have interest, especially easy exhaustion, after resting, also cannot alleviate, it is a " can have a meal only, won't the disabled person of a secretary in charge of sth. "Often feel catastrophe befall, have the stamp of wash one's hands with invisible soap and imperceptible water, appearance that worries another person. Recollect repeatedly go to already unpleasant experience, when the drawback that ever had had one a bit unimportance when memory past in some way is wrong, constant afterthought not is reached, think oneself brought irretrievable loss to national family, should be punished now, even death would not expiate all his crimes. Have more very person, memory before bagatelle of a few lives, if had produced apology of quarrel have not with someone, these already " make a gross error " , cannot make up for, on this foundation, the patient thinks oneself not only useless, and guilty, the person all round also is commenting he, even somebody wants plot a murder he, namely the concern vain hope of mental sex symptom, be murdered covet, from the blame covet.
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