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What successful personage contracts depressed disease easily?
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Come out from media constantly the message that all sorts of successful personages commit suicide. On Feburary 18, 2005 morning, liu Min of director of bureau of statistic of city of Anhui mussel port jumps down 9 layers from municipal government office building, the suicide dies. The thing lies between a day, li Enzhu of red star of Korea movie and TV dies in the suicide in him home, also be in same a month, hunan Chang Deyi multimillionaire commits suicide in the hang oneself in his small shop...
Without doubt, these average per capita are successful personage. Why should they be on a blind alley to commit suicide? Find out rise, depressed fit is the killer of these successful personages. And analyse from personality type, type of a few kinds of personality conduces to successful personage be being climbed to career peak, but also suffer from for them at the same time on depressed disease buries next foreshadowing.
We discover not hard, successful personage is in above to get before one's death the worry of depressed mood. Perhaps cause depressed element not identical, but form depressed disease finally, namely because of depressed disease, the life that lets these successful personages lost colour, let them feel unripe be inferior to dead, painful extremely, let them feel acedia, lost the nerve of the life, chose finally to die, chose to commit suicide.
Successful personage suffers from more easily on depressed disease
Why to succeed does the personage suffer from on is the possibility of depressed disease larger? Can analyse from personality type.
"Driving model " character:
Generally speaking, a person should succeed, besides should compare clever, have substantial knowledge besides, still must have abundant energy, indefatigable, glow tough and bold and unrestrained, diligent effort, tenacious wait for character, the individual character that normally we weigh to have these characteristics is " driving model " character trait. But, driving model character trait also can call mania character trait, that is to say they are in a kind of very slight mania condition for a long time, below this kind of condition its ability is achieved surpass horizontal play, often can score greater success.
The opposite of mania is depressed, the person that has mania that is to say produces depressed possibility a lot of bigger than the ordinary person. And if happen depressed, " of obstacle of " double photograph is called on major, it is " of " mania depressed disease, mania and depressed replace happen, there can be suicidal idea when depressed show effect is serious. And this kind of person their suicidal thought often very concealment, family discovers very hard with the friend, once produce the suicide, successful rate is very high. Generally speaking, slight mania condition is adjusted well, won't to mania depressed disease develops, but some people succeed because of the career and oversight on this kind of spirit inferior healthy, often in the outside the progress below the stimulation of undesirable element is depressed.
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