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Waking early may be the danger signal of depressed disease
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A lot of people discover he often can wake early. Psychological doctor reminds say, waking early may be depressed signal.
Judge a person to whether be in depressed condition, often waking early often is a very important suggestive symptom. When to awake is you can saying to go up " wake early " ? Most common be in second half night awoke to also sleep to be not worn again to 4 o'clock at 2 o'clock. If awake because of pee,see make water, the go to bed after solution is over can be asleep very quickly again, such waking that do not belong to the limits that wakes early. Have wake early the person of the experience has experience like the photograph, awake suddenly indescribably after be asleep for some time namely, appear very sober, think reentry sleeps to do not have drowsiness however. It is together of thoughts or recollections flashing across one's mind subsequently, have a plenty of memory, have a plenty of speculation, have a plenty of think repeatedly around a certain content. Anyhow is brain in cranky, tumultuous, think the person is more calorific more, think the heart jumps over be agitated more, next the day break such as bitter, almost every day such, do exhaustedly.
The person Morpheus time that wakes early affirms inadequacy, morrow can feel tired, muddleheaded, be perturbed, meaning is random, attention is not centered, handle affairs efficiency is low. What the person that wakes early for a long time returns respect of meeting occurrence body is unwell, be like palpitation, bosom acid of frowsty, waist, abdominal distension, inappetence. Formed from this " sleep bad, eat not sweet, do do not move " vicious circle, bring severe pressure to health of body and mind.
Waking early is a kind of expression of sleep-disorder, can be one depressed kind accompanies symptom or diagnostic sex symptom. If often appear to wake early repeatedly, have a sentiment again at the same time low, spirit depressed, interest declines, slack of empty and dull, pessimistic depression, attention, indecisive, passion disappears, irritate easily wait for a symptom, with respect to Lv of take an examination the likelihood already entered depressed condition or was to contract depressed disease, need seeks advice from orgnaization or hospital to psychology further make a diagnosis and give treatment.
What need reminds is, waking early is the big question of health of body and mind, it is a signal of depressed disease, do not treat sth lightly, lose optimal opportunity of cure.