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Depressed disease and stomach ailment
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Disease of intestines and stomach is a kind of common disease, daily bowel path digests the patient in an endless stream of family outpatient service. Several days ago, dr Zhang recieved to professed to suffer from incurable disease to beg cure not to have the patient of the door again. The patient is year of middleaged man of nearly 40, this Mr Li is engaged in selling the work in company of some foreign capital, because the job concerns, often far apart ground runnings, the life and food very not the rule. Before 3 months, mr Li often feels without appetite, meal hind feels to gas bilges in the abdomen, often still appear diarrhoea. At first, mr Li thinks is average gastric bowel issue or taste disaccord, had some of eupeptic remedy casually, after a lot of days, illness not only did not see improve, heavier and heavier instead. Mr Li went to a lot of hospitals, abdominal B exceeds, the examination such as radiography of fiber gastroscope, enteron is done, did not see unusual, but sick feeling is pestering him from beginning to end like devil, mr Li always feels he was to get cancer of the stomach a kind foul disease.
Dr Zhang is preliminary the patient's condition that knew him, asked the thing in a few jobs and life to Mr Li again. Original, close already not of be puzzled year Mr Li should work at least everyday 10 hours, the body that dragging exhaustion in the evening returns the home, coach even son homework, often be to be the child to do dictate exercise at the same time, at the same time catnap. The job and life pressure make Mr Li feels suffocative to come constantly, resembled going up everyday clockwork spring is same, the bowstring in brain stretchs tight closely, time grows, he often feels lumbar back ache, the whole body is lack of power, return meeting insomnia sometimes. Before period of time, the job is more busy, increased new trouble of unwell of intestines and stomach again unexpectedly.
Dr Zhang listen respectfully is over Mr Li " complaint " , anatomize his each examination result, diagnose its finally for: Companion of obstacle of function of bowel of functional sex stomach sends depressed disease. Mr Li is amazed to diagnosing a result unceasingly, think oneself are digestion gave an issue formerly, how can you be depressed disease? Actually, there is a scholar early to fluctuate to the mood in last centuries the influence that moves to bowel of human body stomach has done research. Consider to show, when blue, scared or patient mood is irritable, the assimilation that can defer a stomach significantly and platoon are empty, colonic motion also is restrained apparently. According to statistic, the obstacle of gastric bowel function of functional sex accords with what depressed disease diagnoses a standard to occupy 30% above in the patient, companion of the 50% above in disorder patient has colonic function depressed.
Because people is right,obstacle of psychology, spirit can cause a lot of body symptom to know inadequacy, so, thinking of the symptom such as these indigestion, gastralgia, diarrhoea is met very hard is caused by obstacle of psychology, spirit, if can reach a hospital in time,see a doctor actually, classics doctor is differentiated, if as a result of,enteron symptom is depressed the body of and rather than that cause implement be caused by of qualitative sex disease, the elimination of these symptoms has treatment to depressed disease with respect to need.
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