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Depressed disease ego treats 4 ways
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Depressed disease is a kind of common psychology disease, female incidence of a disease is higher than the male two to 3 times, patient times suffer torment. Everybody introduction gives treatment of 4 kinds of ego below, believe it can be helped somewhat to you.
Sports therapy
The person can give a kind of sense that decides easily with oneself after taking exercise, be beneficial to the alone feeling that overcomes depressed disease patient to share. But exercise the strength with must have particular, duration and frequency, ability is achieved expect the result. It is in order to do setting-up exercise exemple, content includes dance of ran, skip, fitness to wait, do 3 times at least every week, last every time 15 to 20 minutes. Take a walk to also can achieve the result like be the same as ran, experts suggest the patient walks everyday 1500 meters, strive to go inside 15 minutes. Increase a space gradually later, walk along 4500 meters till 45 minutes. When beginning to take exercise, those who need classics doctor agree.
Nutrient therapeutics
A lot of doctors think, the vitamin that contains in food and amino acid have main effect to mental health of the person. The expert thinks, suspicious if the person of disease lacks material of some kind of onefold nutrition to also can cause depressed disease, suggest people has the food with vitamin B rich content more so, wait like coarse food grain, fish. He still lets a patient take the compound vitamin B of regular dose. He thinks people lacks these easily.
Intercourse therapeutics considers to make clear, be good at with person associate with person more lively than liking the person that act independently to want on psychosis much. Lab of health of American some spirit launched a campaign recently, catchword is " the friend is fine medicine " . They think, social support can make even person prolong life.
Depressed disease patient often is to wearing what the world and himself he waits for in light of blinkers. To change this kind of wrong point of view, the Jialiaimo that los angeles psychology seeks advice from remedial center put forward " 3 A law " , namely clear, answer, action. The English letter because of 3 words all with A begin, friend says " 3 A law " .
-- clear: Should admit him spirit to go up above all depressed; The mood that wants him attention next changes, bearing of words and deeds has as good as constant, and the difference that feels thinking and body response.
-- reply: When wanting to learn to produce a mistake every time, give in time identify and the record comes down. Write down oneself wrong think of a way first, write the choice result with relatively actual the next again, its purpose is to be in the idea that oneself examine in practice. Write, enquire oneself: "Is this meeting true? " ask oneself again next: "How should look from another respect? "How should look from another respect??
-- the action: If you feel,be not noticed, then you change a new way; If you are in the job cannot handy, should repair a course to raise his technical level, perhaps seek new job. Plan a few activities more even, make oneself life rule is changed.
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