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The talk treats depressed disease to surpass medicaments
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Ni Yada of standard of evening of beautiful state guest learns Dr. Luobaitedelubeiyisi, compare conversational therapeutics and the result that defy therapeutics of medicaments of depressed disease chemistry. Research says as a result, conversational therapeutics and medication likewise effective. Actually, if also calculate the odds of have a recurrence of an old illness inside, may former curative effect is betterer.
This research is emphasized at studying relatively modern talk treatment, this kind of therapeutics is to use acknowledge to treat way, will teach people how to change evil think of a way and conviction. When the patient has highbrow negative opinion to arise, their meeting the accused knows how to replace these negative opinion with openly idea. This may sound very simple, but other research has made clear, it can treat depressed disease, angst disease, force disease and food to wait mussily.
The profit that conversational therapeutics makes the person is surprizing most is, although be between the talk, it still can produce curative effect continuously. In the time of a year after conversational therapeutics ends, in the patient that uses conversational treatment only 31 % have a recurrence of an old illness, and the person that there are 76 % in taking the patient that refuses depressed disease medicaments has a relapse. But after this, let these two groups of people accept any treatment no longer, although still take the patient that refuses depressed disease medicaments inside a year, it is good that its state also has used conversational therapeutics patient unlike Ceng Cai.
But, we cannot say conversational therapeutics suits each depressed disease patients. Say according to Dr. Delubeiyisi, the effect that probably some of patient uses remedy is close friends at conversational therapeutics, next breakthrough is probable be can know before cure the patient uses which kinds of treatment after all beforehand appropriate.