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The type of depressed disease
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Depressed disease has the following kinds of kinds:
(Sex of the source inside 1) is depressed disease: Have " lazy, slow-witted, change, care, Lv " 5 big clinical features. Become tired and faint without the reason, consciousness is slack and incompetent, the job or simple housework are dealt with hard; The movement decreases, thinking is slow, conception is difficult, memory, attention drops, cerebral function drops; Disposition is changed apparently; The mood is depressed and pessimistic, halfhearted to everything, energy, physical power is insufficient; Think of much Lv more, anxious uneasiness, mind inquietude. Shang Youwan solid, serious insomnia and body are unwell symptom.
(2) reactivity is depressed disease: Attack the depressed disease of be caused by as a result of all sorts of spirit stimulation, setback namely. In the life dash forward encounter natural and man-made disaster, be lovelorn marriage change, fall ill, career setback, the person with psychological poor ability suffers from reactivity easily depressed disease. This kind of depressed disease is " have be born consequently " , after purify pathogeny can rapid rehabilitation.
(3) hides a gender depressed disease: The mood is low with depressed symptom not apparent, often have all sorts of bodies unwell symptom expression, like accept slow-witted, heart-throb, bosom is frowsty, medium on abdomen unwell, be discouraged, perspire, angular, insomnia. Youth and children see for how in.
(This kind of depressed disease can cause the depressed disease that 4) is a feature with learning difficulty study of generation of big, medium, pupil is difficult -- attention slack, memory drops, achievement drops in the round or drop suddenly, be disgusted with learns, fear learning, kip or refus learns. Discover this disease is very much in recent years, should cause take seriously.
(The afterwards hair sex that 5) medicaments causes is depressed disease: A lot of medicaments can cause depressed disease. If some hypertensive patients are used,the mood is brought about to last after hypertension pill blue depression.
(The afterwards hair sex that 6) body disease causes is depressed disease: Fall ill the person that urgent disease makes quality of a few psychology easily poor produces depressed symptom, if disease of heart disease, lung, endocrine metabolizes,the disease weighs cold, high fever to wait to be able to cause this kind of depressed disease even.
(The afterwards hair sex that psychogenic disorder causes 7) is depressed disease: A lot of patients that have psychogenic disorder bear the anguish of psychogenic disorder to because did not get,perhaps be treated effectively extremely, cannot see cured hope, the mood is consequently pessimistic, often have commit suicide idea. Be like: Force the patient such as disease, gregarious and scared disease. Patient family member answers with relatives and friends vigilant their depressed mood and suicidal desire, him patient also should establish cured confidence, as soon as possible accepts professional psychology to seek advice with cure.
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