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The family of depressed disease patient nurses
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Depressed disease is a kind of common psychology disease, somebody compares it for psychology " cold " , it and cold are euqally common, and compete as the society intense with each passing day, all sorts of answering stimulate sexual life incident to increase ceaselessly, psychological pressure increases, depressed disease is showing ascendant trend, already became the serious illness that minatory mankind health and influence life happiness spend. The rehabilitation of depressed disease divides seasonable cure outside, it is very important also to nurse to the patient's family, it includes:
1, improve the relation between domestic member, analyse the exciting element with undesirable purify
The family is a collective, and the patient just is the one part in collective. A not harmonious family, or the undesirable tendency of certain member, bad behavior can make certain and undesirable exciting ingredient, make the formation of the disease. Reach in the cure to depressed disease patient nurse on, should let domestic member be analysed together, search a patient to send source of the root cause of illness or trouble, collective purify is undesirable and exciting element, improve the relation between domestic member, create a harmonious domestic environment, this is family of depressed disease patient the key that nurse.
2, strengthen psychology to nurse, prevent patient suicide
The patient with depressed apparent symptom often can appear suicidal thought, must leave somebody to accompany. Company must relatively the can considerate, mood that care a patient and can experience a patient, pass the talk with the patient, from which of heart of revulsive patient pour secret or painful, understanding knows the patient cares most, need most, what is the afraidest, give a help to solve as far as possible thereby. At the same time even advise patient faces reality to need not worry overly to everything, arrange its nature, strengthen the confidence of self-confident heart and conquer disease. The mood change that notices to observe a patient and different saying go, if discover sick stream of people shows world-weary intention, or it is depressed condition when improving suddenly apparently, more should close observation, vigilant precaution patient commits suicide. Answer right now an article of the danger in the home (penknife, scissors, rope, medicaments) had closed, be ready for any eventuality.
3, Morpheus nurses
Depressed disease patient often mixes have insomnia, wake difficultly, early in order to fall asleep to see for how. Anxiety-ridden, angst is disturbed before constant expression falls asleep. Right now family should be in more rise edge company, comfort reach advise, can make the patient produces particular safe move so, experience the warmth of excellent front courtyard, angst mood is eliminated more easily also, also meet to the patient's Morpheus helpful. Depressed disease patient often mixes have wake early, suicidal time is in more early morning time, must give medicine control to the patient that wakes early so, extend its Morpheus time.
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