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The university entrance exam suffers a defeat, how psychological adjustment
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Angst: Acute angst reacts. A few examinee did exorbitant estimation to achievement, lack adequate psychological preparation to sufferring a defeat, frighten after be informed the message that suffer a defeat consequently extremely, some returns companion to have serious plant nerve function maladjusted.
Depressed: The person that great majority suffers a defeat is met grey meaning of painful distress, heart is cold, some people feel acedia to future even, lost the courage with vivid opposite and confidence. Return some the person is because of this improperly belittle oneself, abandonment, in be immersed in self-abased, self-condemned abyss cannot extricate oneself.
Compunctious: Because some examinee are taken an examination of not ideally, feel ashamed is right family and teacher, produced deep compunctious psychology. Because some examinee are excessive compunctious, because this is frowzily all the day in the home,still meet, evasive walk along kin to see a friend, serious person can suffer from even on alone and depressed disease.
Envious: Some self-awareness cross strong, disposition to have the person of overestimate of blemish, ego, see inscribe one's name of classmate gold a list of names posted up, meeting generation contrasts strong psychological reaction, some still can appear even ruinous words and deeds.
How does examinee face the university entrance exam to suffer a defeat? A few kinds of methods might as well try.
Adjust mood
1. Search logical way to eliminate inner dismay. Anyway, the university entrance exam suffers a defeat always is the thing of dismay making a person. Come out keep long in stock in pressure drain of the heart, be helpful for health also be helpful for throwing a weight already relaxed again battle. To the girl, look for a place to cheat his in for example by the nest in or Jiang Bian cries racily greatly, wipe tear to beam with smiles next; To the boy, look for a few friends to kick a football to perhaps look for a moor to cry a few times greatly, swing next swing the travel before the head is upright and unafraid. Those who need an attention is means only it is constructive is not ruinous annihilative perhaps.
2. Enrich oneself life. Experience suffers a defeat, can make the person does not wish to contact the outside, shut oneself up and ponder over one's mistakes, all day anguish can'ts bear. Might as well right now increase life interest actively, if seek a job, do some of chore or develop an individual to like, go from inside the trough of mood depression, let green coruscate vigor.
Seek support
The person always has flimsy when, do not fear to let a person see your cut, do not pretend to be firm, do not want try to show happyness when one is sad, go to family member friend before, say boldly to them, "The help that I need you " . If be willing, the help that still can seek major (seek advice from) like psychology.
Undertake psychology is compensated
1. Want to be good at seeing advantageous factor, optimistic unripe active state is spent. Can ease psychological pressure with autosuggestion, adjust mood. For example, face others sneer at, can say to oneself: Failure is the mother of the success, do not experience predicament to won't have brilliant success.
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