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Evaluation of volunteer fill in a form and submit it to the leadership blocks th
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Profession of golden cap high school student and professional potential evaluate a system, it is one is used at helping the university entrance exam of student science fill in a form and submit it to the leadership division of cent of volunteer, unity and coherence in writing, and the auxiliary tool that potential evaluates, evaluation gets stuck or use need of the account to complete the following step:
1, buy check: The user contacts psychology of Hangzhou green island to seek advice from atelier- - the advisory service orgnaization that Hua Yang teachs psychological academy to be in Hangzhou, buy " golden cap evaluates card " , connect a telephone call: 0571-86433196.
Golden cap evaluates calorie of whole nation to unite retail and directive price: 138 yuan, hangzhou green island seeks advice from orgnaization preferential price: 128 yuan, collective is bought can enjoy a group to buy price.
The user can buy evaluation check through bank remit money, inform Hangzhou of in time green island to psychology seeks advice from atelier with the phone. After remittance affirms, customer service general instantly with phone, short message, or the evaluation card sign that the means such as Email notices you and password, facilitate you have the test on the net immediately.
Open an account row: Agricultural bank door renown: Deng Shenlan account: 9559980320184771014
2, get online: Log onto golden cap potential to evaluate a net with online computer: Www.gcap.com.cn, the card that inputs evaluation card enters test page after date and password.
3, test: The basis evaluates clew answering question, in all 4 groups of tests. After the test is finished, all information refer GCAP server. GCAP tiring-room moves have powerful professional database, professional database, individual character, interest and database of professional ability foundation, a few seconds or inside a few minutes achievable sophisticated evaluation analysis, make a report.
4, consult report: The user consults directly on the net oneself evaluation report, on the computer that also can save oneself. If have need, advisory service center is offerred for the user separately imprint the evaluation report that has installed.
5, answer doubt: If the user is right,evaluate, to division of cent of unity and coherence in writing, volunteer to the university entrance exam of fill in a form and submit it to the leadership have doubt, hangzhou seeks advice from the teacher of the service center to be able to provide necessary guidance, the user also can inquire golden cap potential evaluates a net " common problem " column, still can pass golden cap forum expert of afferent a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties and professional adviser are online query, the expert can reply in time.
Evaluation user will be obtained (4 " one "
The electronic edition potential of an authority, rigorous, form a complete set evaluates · report, include essence of life to want report and detailed report, use at the university entrance exam of directive user fill in a form and submit it to the leadership volunteer or division of cent of unity and coherence in writing. If need, referral center of cap of this locality gold can be offerred for the user separately imprint the paper quality that has installed evaluates a report.
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