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After taking an examination of ask for integratedly not allow to ignore psycholo
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The university entrance exam ended, a lot of examinee and parent feel the stone in the heart fell the ground. But psychological expert reminds: Suo of  of Xi of Li merchant  complains avarice foot to steal however You of Ke of せ of sunken page of  of avoid of ┛ of suddenly of  of exhausted Guo of な of solemn  of  fir ǖ stops Gu of pigheaded ⒔ of  Ran Zong just ⒎ eats Lu of cease ⒁ bell to army ⒆ stands tall and upright postscript of bless of benzene of  Tun  brights
"After taking an examination of ask for integratedly " expression
Director Dai Zunxiao tells center of sanitation of Xi'an town drive the reporter, "After taking an examination of ask for integratedly " main show is demoralized, slack, mania, depressed wait for a symptom. The examinee that takes an examination of well often is met all night range of grow in quantity of orgiastic, language, movement is bigger. The examinee that takes an examination of badly can appear depressed, shut oneself, inhospitality should stimulate sexual barrier. Processing is undeserved, will cause long-term and negative psychology to affect.
Director Dai says, should stimulate sexual barrier to be able to appear in those appraise to distribute success commonly on not ideal or exorbitant to him expectation examinee body, especially answer read unripe or the examinee that the family compares difficulty is more serious. Judgement " after taking an examination of ask for integratedly " , basically be to see examinee there is change after the university entrance exam, examinee and other classmate undertake comparative, see him have the change with outstanding what.
Through " ego drain law " can alleviate
Director Dai says, "After taking an examination of ask for integratedly " can adjust by oneself, the method basically has two kinds. It is firstly " ego drain law " , examinee can be passed keep a diary, seek heart-to-heart talk of classmate, teacher, parent, do the pressure of a few psychology of athletic get sth off one's chest that oneself like. It is to do secondly a few loosen training, if get online appropriately, listen to music, outing to wait, make pleasant atmosphere diluent and vexed. In the meantime, can go doing a few societies to carry out an activity, notice to what the university entrance exam suffers a defeat dispersedly. Director Dai emphasizes: After if examinee passes ego,adjusting cannot clear get the desired result, be about to seek professional psychological doctor help in time to undertake psychological dredge.