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Psychology of eve of the university entrance exam was adjusted 2008
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The university entrance exam, a lot of students and parent regard it is the first of life major turning point, suffer a person to fix eyes upon fully, because the pressure on this student body is very tremendous. We serve as those who had squeezed single-plank bridge of the university entrance exam is lucky person, to a variety of experience remain fresh in one's memory when the university entrance exam, experience the main effect that produces between the university entrance exam to mentation deeply. We are pursueing the study of psychological major now, pursue the relevant job that student psychology coachs and consults, accordingly special hope can help this paragraph of classmates' great time that spends the university entrance exam. I want to talk about this paragraph of day in eve of the university entrance exam in, how has examinee adjusted his mood, if where,accomplish in limited time more effective review.
The university entrance exam is the test of integrated to the student quality, the stand or fall of exam achievement is concerned with the degree of student control ABC not just, still have very big concern with the mood condition when the exam. Because good state of mind maintains before this exam, exceed constant play to have important sense even to the normal play of examinee. About the psychology before the university entrance exam adjust basically have the following sides:
One, science is mixed with the head assure Morpheus
3 eat want punctual, every eat should notice nutrition is tie-in, have sufficient protein and vitamin, breakfast should assure milk and egg especially. Grasp oneself pattern that use a brain, when reviewing by brief arrive numerous, by it is difficult to arrive easily. When attention is not centered, can read a few fascinating magazines or favorite book first, text book reads again after attention is centered. It is easy to want than focussing attention because of prescind force, this also is called " run-up effect " . Enough sleep maintains before taking an examination of, do not suffer the effect of dream, carry original habits and customs and law.
2, maintain good state of mind
Want to understand the significance of the exam correctly, regular examination motive. The university entrance exam can say to examinee is the most important exam in him life, taking seriously on student thought also is normal phenomenon. However, everything has " degree " , if examinee is excessive,value exam result, can bear very heavy thought burden, also will affect the mood before taking an examination of. Accordingly, to examinee, "Can take an examination of on good school " " one's deceased father do not get on an university how to do " what the problem of and so on does not want before take an examination of is too much, and should reviewing attention concentration on, such ability make he walk into examination room with gentle state of mind, face examination paper.
3, adjust angst mood
Be aimed at the angst circumstance that has appeared, can adjust with the following strategy:
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