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The psychology before the university entrance exam is adjusted
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Tall the 3 crucial period that face life, it is to do one's best those who go all out in work year paragraph. Annual the university entrance exam is forthcoming, although annual of the university entrance exam admit lead and admit a number increasing ceaselessly, but the psychology of nervous angst before classmates are taken an examination of still exists, the psychology of het-up angst already was affected to the front of take an examination of review, will affect the normal play when the university entrance exam even, how to review with good mood investment, win victory in the university entrance exam? The psychology before the university entrance exam talking with classmates below is adjusted.
One, measurable angst, arouse motive
Angst is the anxious reaction that shows the circumstances that constitutes menace to individual proper pride arises or reaction tendency. Because achievement is not quite ideal,have some of fellow student, fear to see the look of parent disappointment, leave the university entrance exam closer and closer soon, a bit bottom in the heart is done not have, although carry lamp night fighting to arrive every day late night, but efficiency is not tall, morpheus quality is not high, often become nightmare, the following day brains is befuddled...
Psychology considers to make clear, pass without angst or anxiety level low, study does not have sense of urgency, be indifferent to to what, learn for certain bad; Anxiety level is exorbitant, the excited concentration of pallium will be lead all round low-key of area of photograph adjacent cortex is strengthened, spirit is met het-up, affect normal thinking necessarily; Be in medium anxiety level only, ability arouses immanent study motive, transformation force is motivation, study result is best. Accordingly, the difficulty of the actual ability that classmates want him foundation or exam adjusting control mood, maintain measurable angst, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses in study, pay attention to study method, enter to realize act vigorously of ground of good cause unremitting, go all out in work.
2, sufficient preparation, sturdy confidence
Some classmates face faintness of insecurity of the spirit before taking an examination of, memory, character to convey a disorder, all for lack of self-confident be caused by. And the classmate with dye-in-the-wood confidence criterion bearing calm and at ease, calmly, can focus attention, memorial clarity, reaction nimble, judicious, emersion and use knowledge successful. So, establish confidence to appear very important. Of course, self-confident heart is to build on one hand go up in sound at ordinary times basic training, be like the system before taking an examination of review and training; Also want to strengthen the training of pair of self-confident hearts on the other hand. Our country scholar put forward two paces to train a law: The first pace is the self-awareness with conscious and inactive society. Say commonly, after you learn the message that will play a very important exam before long, be like occurrence neuropathic spoil one's appetite, facial muscle hair is close wait for physiology change, this means cerebrum to already appeared inactive consciousness, emerge faintly namely the idea that gives certain concern, be aimed at these hazy thought, convey it clearly with written language come out, this kind of practice can raise hazy consciousness to recognizant level. Nurturance of the 2nd pace is used to to what inactive self-awareness challenges. Alleged challenge has ego qualitative debate to the unreasonable composition in inactive self-awareness namely, basically point out this kind of inactive consciousness not actuality and needless sex, clarify the harm that causes to the individual from this, make clear the manner henceforth.
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