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Draw near how does the examinee of the university entrance exam focus attention
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Reading tall the small peak of 3 is very pained, the university entrance exam is closer and closer, but he always feels everyday a disorder in brain, want what to do to come prescind force, but often static no less than hearts come, attend class repeatedly also cannot completely static next hearts come. He tells himself " must focus attention " , but do not get effective completely, the thought that is like oneself is like the control that gets others. Result, attend the imitate of the 2nd the university entrance exam in city to take an exam recently, assembly accomplishment has bigger coast than exam of imitate of first time the university entrance exam. For this, he senses the mood special be agitated, keep asking: "What method can let me did not take a look after all? "What method can let me did not take a look after all??
In daily study, it is small peak not merely actually, a lot of classmates may have such bewilderment: When attention is not centered, inexorable class, do not go up to study by oneself in scheduled time, very vexed, "Attention is not centered " affect to their study, life really very big.
Psychology considers to discover, the person's attention is focussed for long very hard, "Take a look " it is normal psychological phenomenon actually. The person's attention can suffer the interference of outside ambient and take a look, because inner mood fluctuates and the meeting is disturbed, this is the psychology of Everyman. Normally every class is arranged only on education 40 or 45 minutes, it is this truth.
Of course the attention when some person study can be inside proper time high concentration, can learn in busy streets even, but such person attention concentration, because they are interested in the content of study very much,be, 2 because they have halcyon heart,be, that is to say, the heart of such person is ego harmony, do not have so oversensitive manage to conflict.
Really, what attention cannot center pair of keys is tall the study of 3 is negative the influence is very big. Hold favorable attention, it is the postulate that cerebrum has the understanding activity such as perception, memory, thinking. In our learning process, attention is the door that opens our heart, and it is unique family status. Menkaide is bigger, the thing that we acquire is more. And once attention slack or cannot center, interior portal was shut, all useful knowledge information cannot be entered. because such, french biologist tall treats · Ju Weixie to say: "Talent, it is attention above all. It is attention above all..
Countless facts also make clear, one of apparent differences are the stand or fall of attention between the student with study good result and the student that learn achievement difference. Learn the student with good achievement, can notice attend a lecture is read centrally, ponder over a problem independently, do work seriously. They suffer outside interference rarely when study, although sometimes the teacher's class tells Debingbuna vivid, but they also can ego tie, organize attention conciously, do not let oneself thought absquatulate. The classmate with a lot of backward study rather, their attention slack, cannot absorbedly attend a lecture, from time to time makes petty action, ear of dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, dig nostril, catch catch scalp, from time to time and classmate whisper to each other, funny be troubled by, look like attend a lecture sometimes, actually thought leaves classroom, opened little difference. No less than hearts also are decided to come euqally when reading, feigned course of study east copy look on the west. Some is brokenhearted when attend class even, hit drowse. How can such student do well study?
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