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Issue of teenage sex psychology is increasingly outstanding
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In light of the case that from us teenage psychology refers, a lot of teenage psychology problems involve sexual psychology issue. As a result of the action of traditional idea, the adolescent that because of sexual problem straight fetch sees a doctor still is not very much, but the bewilderment that the teenage existence that makes an appointment with 30 % in advisory process and sex concern.
Adolescent is individual the interim that develops to manhood from childhood, individual physiology development quickens this phase, the secondary sex characteristic begins to appear and develop quickly, and psychological progress is relatively slow, individual appeared in sexual psychology development a lot of contradiction, bewilderment and trouble, and the sex of our country teachs opposite however lag, a lot of children are corresponding some sexual knowledge are basic utterly ignorant, often know to sexual problem occurrence mistake, many people produced psychogenic disorder, proposal society, parent should give to this take seriously. The sexual psychology issue with at present more outstanding adolescent is faced to make an analysis offer corresponding the way to deal with a situation below.
Sexual psychology problem one: Masturbate
Story seeing a doctor: Tall the student of one, study attention is not centered, worry is heavy, achievement begins to drop, the parent is very anxious. In psychological outpatient service this schoolboy says, 15 years old when once his private parts had rash, sao is urticant afflictive, he is felt, result shade root erects, thing eduction will feel " especially comfortable " . The boy says, oneself dare not tell pa Mom, because say this is masturbation on the book, bad to the body, there still may be a child after marrying, oneself want to be controlled very much but cannot help be being done sometimes, very compunction, think this thing affected study all the day.
Analysis: Many adolescent think masturbation is bad thing erroneously, feel oneself are bad person thereby, in this kind pressure of the feeling that suffer a pain falls, the study life of a lot of people gets great influence. Countermeasure: Should be opposite rightly above all the understanding of masturbation, masturbation is behavior of a normality, it is the natural production of sexual physiology development and sexual psychology development, it is a kind of normal masturbation behavior, generally speaking, masturbation itself does not have special harm, also won't affect in the future sexual life and bear. If masturbate too too frequent, indulge among them and cannot absorption study, the parent and teacher should help his undertake behavior is adjusted. Commonly used adjustment the method has prescind power, hear music for instance, consider the issue that oneself are interested in, perhaps play elastic forcibly on the hand; The attention exercises, proper exercise is done before go to bed, hind of go to bed falls asleep as soon as possible, awake not to bilk a bed not to rise in the morning. If the case is more severe, advisory division seeks advice or can give to psychology medication.
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