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Examinee of the university entrance exam is answered " take a look " subtle move
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1. Autosuggestion law
Autosuggestion can arouse immanent psychology latent capacity, arouse psychological activity enthusiasm, conduce to the concentration of attention, overcome the phenomenon of attention slack. If oneself remind with the means of the solilo-quize when study, "Concentration notices " , " not abstracted " , " hard attend a lecture " ; Also can seek a few pieces of small card, above write respectively on: "Absorption attend a lecture " , " do not take a look " , " budding do not try hard, old apprentice hurts Bei " wait for a sentence, put them to the place that you see easily at ordinary times next, be like pencil case in, or on the wall that is stuck before desk of your a letter from home, or clip is in textbook. Such, no matter you attend class,attend a lecture still is job of writing coming home, want to see them only, can remind oneself: "Do not take a look ah! "Do not take a look ah!!
2. Circumstances imagines a way
No matter how love a god student, when entering important exam or race, he also can notice master piece answers as far as possible centrally, play gives optimal level. Accordingly, asking him imagination when you do work every time is to entering some final examination or race, want to finish inside formulary time, improve the efficiency inside unit time, can make oneself truly nervous so rise, attention was centered naturally. What famous mathematician Yang Le says no less than: "Feigned at ordinary times line of business is serious like the exam, feigned course of study can resemble when the exam euqally relaxed. Feigned course of study can resemble when the exam euqally relaxed..
3. Develop indirect interest
Indirect interest has main effect to attention development of the student, student shortage often brings about attention slack to the indirect interest of the thing. The education of indirect interest, want to establish ambitious ideal, make clear direction hard or struggle target; 2 should arouse curiosity and curious desire, maintain strong hunting desire to what learning knowledge; 3 should establish correct study motive for oneself, it is prospective development hard, the prosperity that is the motherland is prosperous and strong and effort study, invigorate oneself with ideal target drive, conduce to overcome attention to take a look.
4. Record law
Prepare a Xiaobenzi to oneself, use a record technically to take a look content. For instance, you think the football match yesterday is coming in mathematical class today, so be about to make a record on the notebook: "Mathematical class -- football match -- about one minute half " ... after recording a few days so, you look seriously to end from the beginning, the thing that you can discover you are cranky is how dull, wasted how valuable time. Gradually, you will be magical to going more and more detest, the content on minute book also is met subsequently less and less. Believe it won't be long, a such words can appear on your notebook: "I learn today all the time very absorption, without give a little attention to. Without give a little attention to..
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