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Problem of common sex psychology reachs adolescence adjust
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In process of adolescent sex development, mental hygiene problem compares the sex that young men and women produces much, although they are most belong to adjust problem, but because contain,concealment quality, be inspected as a result of social negligence and individual close again and be discovered not easily, if serious progress continues, into all sorts of sexes with respect to meeting development psychogenic disorder is mixed disease, the body and mind that affects them badly is healthy, affect normal study, job and life, cause undesirable consequence. Below with respect to adolescence mental hygiene problem reachs a few kinds of common sexes how to adjust illustrate.
One, the worry of sexual impulse
According to investigation, many adolescent are right " quality " the understanding with incorrect hold, some inspects it to be indelicacy, dirty, shameful, hard open one's mouth, not know what to do, as a result feels to his sexual impulse self-condemned, affliction and shame, bewilderment arise detest wait a moment with scared psychology. Actually sexual impulse is the normal reaction of psychology of physiology of young men and women, the generation below stimulation is concerned in the action of sex hormone and outside, not be immoral or impure clean, disgraceful behavior. If wake up to reality not in time,produce the young person of afore-mentioned incorrect views can cause psychogenic disorder. Want to rely on sexual morality to restrain his to libido, adopt feasible method to adjust. Be like, the method that depresses with the heart when generating sexual impulse gives untangle is a very effective method, the need that measurable depression is socialization also is the report of mental health of a human nature. Depress feeling criterion badly however harmful body and mind is healthy. Still can use a kind additionally active constructive, the desire that can accept for the society or means will replace sexual desire, if use activity of painterly, music, sports, be engaged in labor, or association of friendship of male and female, make sexual energy is able to transfer, sexual affection is able to balance. This kind of method is sublimate namely.
2, masturbate
Masturbation problem is in adolescence is a very general sexual behavior issue, but a lot of research data make clear, adolescent has a lot of incorrect views to masturbation problem, these views affected health of their body and mind on different level. The adolescent that has had masturbation experience often feels compunctious to this, feel the mood is low, afraid, bemused after masturbation, fear, painful. Can say none exaggeratively, masturbation is tormenting adolescent like a devil. They think to masturbate deleterious body, damage function of cerebrum, harmful sex, it is a kind of improper behavior. Return some thinking, masturbation is guilty. They often have such doubt: Masturbation whether make the body feeble or cause die early? Can masturbation affect the following sexual life?
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