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Drawing near of the university entrance exam 4 action answer angst effectively
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Still a month is about the university entrance exam, ke Xiaowen is very dissatisfactory to his condition. He feels him psychology quality is very bad. On classroom, when exam, thinking always is centered hard, study plan also is finished hard --
Real story
Still a month is about the university entrance exam, of the school review strength increasing, dan Xiaowen (alias) review position to his very dissatisfactory.
"I manage from caution quality is bad, although I long to succeed, but always do not have self-confidence. Want the university entrance exam immediately, but my study result still does not rise to go up, very depressive. " the phone puts through, little article is told rise, sound is very grave.
As the drawing near of the university entrance exam, little article always feels he did not review position, on classroom, when exam, thinking always is centered hard, the study that oneself decide plans to also be finished hard. Take an exam before a month, the foreign language of original expert also was not taken an examination of good, assembly accomplishment dropped ten. "Take an exam for that, I get study scheduling very full, wish to be able to learn 25 hours everyday, still did not take an examination of good however. And with desk try hard without me, a week before the exam still goes to see a movie even, taller than my mark however, I feel I am very trashy... "
Little article is very anxious, look for a data to look how to raise attention everywhere, still attend class with desk him discovery please the god reminds him, but he feels the effect is general: A class 40 minutes, he can take a look 45 times, how to control; And always be the trouble is the same as desk remind, oneself also feel to feel embarrassed. He tries to always remind his " staring at a teacher " , but ground give a little attention to can'ts help after ten minutes, after 9 minutes again by oneself or with desk pullback attention classroom.
Ordinarily little article of a class can have half many hour to be in absorption attend a lecture, this means the time that has 779% he is very absorption. "Ah? Is there so much? " go out fully in the sound of little article surprise and dare not believe, this simple statistic result about learning efficiency gives its expect it seems that. Nevertheless he still thinks, such condition is unqualified, because do not have,had used time 100 percent.
He feels his psychological quality is very bad. "The fellow of football team says my psychology quality is too poor, do not be willing to pass the ball to me. Myself also feels to always be developed when ball game wrong, get a ball but shoot do not take the door, very lose, feel oneself failed again. " when kickball, the good friend cries to everybody: "Give little article the ball, make him much also kick some. " little at that time article listened is not flavor particularly in the heart: "Oneself resemble a dot be being helped by others euqally. Actually I hope to be brought into can silently to attack a system by them more, next my shoot is successful, such I have self-confidence. I think the effort that passes my gets conceivable thing. I think the effort that passes my gets conceivable thing..
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