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Make adolescent sex energy healthy release
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Psychology mixes the basis to concern research physiologically, in the person's cerebra, often have dominant " excited kitchen " , namely advantage excitement center, it can draw other excitement to oneself this respect comes, make project the exciting information of this place is reached with thing of this place related, cause the person's attention very easily. In the meantime, the excitement of this place can bring about the inhibition of other and adjacent place, fall then the stimulation of place of in the vicinity of causes people attention not easily. This is psychological mechanism of the attention. For instance, it is now in your cerebra, the stimulation of sexual respect is too strong, have one's mind stuffed with is and so on of woman, ham, breast, formed center of an advantage excitement, make you right give birth to the significant issue of a lot of other in work and mobile turn a blind eye to, or disinclination, "Absorbed " the ground is dedicated the information at sexual respect and activity.
Center of excitement of this kind of advantage is a kind of dynamic process, it can change another position from a place. Normally the circumstance falls, it is the task that faces according to people, rely on reason to try to adjust. For instance, when we write line of business, advantage excitement center is centered in the canal in cerebrum to read written area, and when should crossing us a little while to play a ball game again, advantage excitement center can transfer that part region that runs campaign in cerebrum.
But, if the some place in cerebrum accepted a few mutual correlation too long after too strong exciting message, so advantage excitement center often assigns with respect to the direct that does not listen to central nervous, be troubled by in this place case " independent kingdom " come. Because it is in this place " stayed a drop " , always let a person think move and information of this place related and thing so, and to other and exciting information often turn a blind eye to, turn a deaf ear to. Although cerebrum issued the order of move to it, but it always is " overtly agree but covertly oppose " the ground sneaked away to come back again.
Adolescence should great enter rich and interesting activity, the activity that allows abundant to be full of an interest is dispersive your attention to the gender, it is opposite desalt your stimulation
"Young man which not to be pooh-poohed eventually affection, rosebud which not good at Huai Chun " , " the annoyance with teenager particular dimension " these two words in one book, spoke the feature of green phase of the person. After a person enters adolescence, understand the opposite sex, contact opposite sex and even love opposite sex, already became a kind of longing of the heart and need, this is very natural, very normal, doing not have this kind of longing and need is abnormal instead. That is to say the feeling that life develops which phase to be able to produce which level and behavior, this is not move with the subjective volition of people. Accordingly to young men and women, the feeling that produces understanding, contact, association and even love to the opposite sex often is inevitable, and be being depressed forcibly is to be just the opposite to what one wished more.
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