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Tall how do 3 at the last gasp enhance self-confident heart
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Try hard again
If you go visitting Caire museum, can see from chart level · card cheats the treasure of Pharaoh grave gouge. If not be Howard Carter,the decision digs a day more again, these mysterious treasure still perhaps are buried greatly in underground not to see light.
The winter 1922, carter abandoned can finding the hope of young Pharaoh graveyard almost, his sponsor also is about to cancel commitment. Carter writes in the autobiography: "This will be we stay the last season in the valley, we had been dug full 6 season, chun Quqiu will be without place to obtain. We worked at a dash what didn't several months discover however, only digger ability experiences this kind of sound acedia sense. We had maintained ourselves to be defeated almost, preparing to leave a valley to go to other place try one's luck. However, if it were not for the effort of last hammer, we also won't discover this Yuan Chao gives the treasure that we dream to reach forever. We also won't discover this Yuan Chao gives the treasure that we dream to reach forever..
The last hurrah became Howard Carter the top news of the whole world, he discovered latter-day and exclusive one complete the Pharaoh that come up out of land is sepulchral.

Hold to ability to succeed only
We know the journey that realizes dream of the university entrance exam won't be plain sailing, so almost every classmate is mixed to the difficulty that is about to encounter the setback made psychological preparation. Because be certain " a minute of sweat, a results " , we are arduous and cultivated to realize a dream. But discover later, oneself shed a lot of a lot of sweat, did not see results however, study result progress is not apparent, sometimes achievement even worse and worse. When we fail, always tell oneself to want hard, can be new failure next...
The blow that can you bear to fail how many times? A lot of classmates fall in the blow that fails for many times, abandoned mournfully hard. Even some classmates begin brokenhearted, despair after unfavorable takes an exam. Actually, be in successfully the backside that your despair, preparation abandons. If you can gnash one's teeth holds to again, try hard again one, overcome this kind of deep acedia sense, meet successfully like the miracle appear before you, the situation that encounters like Carter is same. Carter in despair when dig again, discovered the graveyard of Pharaoh eventually! If we can get what inspiration from inside Carter's successful story, I think that is -- " when you feel acedia, hold to again! " experienced " doubt of at the end of one's resources does not have a road " state, just can greet " promising another village " new state.
Remember please, a thing of the most wasteful time abandons too early namely. After people often was doing the work of 90% , 10% what abandoned can making them successful finally. This not only let their play away initial investment, more lost the possibility that discovers treasure.
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