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Teenage psychology seeks advice low age change alone child parents appears foste
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With the age largish junior high school, high school gives birth to photograph comparing, advisory room of the psychology on nursery school child and pupil more " diligent " -- , 80 % are occupied in the person that adolescent seeks advice, this is researcher of courtyard of Shanghai company division the newest result that after Xu Zhening is not the children psychology of medical treatment system 665 times to seek advice from a case to analyse research to Shen Cheng, reachs. Advisory scale of small child psychology basically is mixed higher the scientific Yo of young father and mother idea, generation gives birth to parents alone foster angst to wait about.
generation gives birth to parents to foster children to have worry alone
"Strong last week strong said a lie twice unexpectedly! By me detection, bub still makes fun of rascally actually! And he often gets angry to the person because of a bit bagatelle recently, I am very afraid. " face psychology to seek advice from division, the mother of 5 years old of boys Miss Wu is anxious unceasingly. She feels dozen of child is incorrect, but attempt and child preach reason won't do again, will appeal hurriedly psychology seeks advice from division.
Xu Zhening is analysed, contemporary and young father and mother is having opposite higher rate foster angst. Can see, the parental great majority of the children before school age is generation of our country " singleton female " , relatively more ground is to enjoy in their growing process " be attended " , and become lesser " the person that attend " , so these " give birth to parents alone " in him parenting when because do not have,attend more possibly experience and more angst; In the meantime, the insecurity of modern city life and pressure, also make these parents have taller hope to his child, foster a part to have exorbitant demand to his, so subconscious in more fosters angst.
Young father and mother pays close attention to child mental health more
The 30 Xiaoluo's couples that come forward two eat well besides the daughter that assures 6 years old full wear outside warming, often observe well behavior and mood expression, the circumstance that discovers what is strange gets online consult, look to have what psychology problem well, and the frequenter that they also are psychological advisory rooms. Before before long, they are taking again go seeing psychology seeks advice from division well: "We always decide no less than hearts to come recently well, cannot sit a few minutes to be visited mentally abroad, did she get children to use disease more? Go up quickly elementary school, can you affect the following study so? " Chen Mo of advisory division of referral center of China division big psychology says, although sometimes the issue in such parent eye is good to the nature the problem is not for the children that use, but the parent is helpful for discovering a problem at any time to the attention of child mental health, correct a problem.
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