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Teenage psychology seeks advice from frequency to show student form expert to su
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In the form of a flock of parents, just Xiaoyuan of 11 years old (alias) babyish face is very conspicuous. He sits before the doctor to begin to pour out, look many one's innermost thoughts and feelings want to say. This is yesterday morning, the adolescent that Guangzhou city round officer organizes gets used to a problem the one act in advisory activity of large spot commonweal. The expert expresses, the age of problem of teenage occurrence psychology already smaller and smaller, what ought to cause the parent is enough take seriously.
Spot frequency shows student figure
"She has pressure, I also have pressure! " although still reading elementary school, xiaoyuan has quite however " fair Che Ashu " feeling. Xiaoyuan lives with the mother, because be only close family, economic burden of mom is heavier, do not have method to achieve the commitment to Xiaoyuan many times. "I waited for computer 1 year, I waited for bicycle 3 years, disappointed still. " Xiaoyuan says, it is not easy that he also know mom makes money, still can be to cannot be accepted be put frequently " plane " .
Sit before the doctor, yuan of small a bit does not feel awkward, be willing to pour out very much instead. He tells a reporter, he comes along with mom, can not choose to be done together with mom however seek advice, however oneself found a doctor alone. "I am not willing she hears me to say these, I am afraid that she was heard say I am disobedient again. I am afraid that she was heard say I am disobedient again..
Not come singly but in pairs, also sat on the side of him just read tall the girl of one, also be oneself one person will look for a doctor. "I do not think the parent knows I come, I feel to be able to give me greater pressure, " the girl says.
The parent pulls the child forcedly to seek advice
He Xiaoyuan is contrary is, xiaowang (alias) be procrastinated forcedly to come over by parents. Clip sits in parents among, it is impatient completely however on Xiaowang's face. The Xiaowang in whole advisory process a word does not agree to say, ask him the question also not express an opinion. "Resemble this kind of circumstance, we actually more encourage the parent and child departure to do seek advice. " the psychology that combines psychological referral center seeks advice from Shi Lingkuang hill to express, the communication of the child of problem of general occurrence psychology and parent is bad, before the parent's face, do not be willing to talk instead, "If come apart, no matter be the parent or child, more relaxed, also can express their true view more. Also can express their true view more..
Vice-president of Guangzhou city round officer besmears quick glow expresses, in phase of whole attend school, the child's psychology is changing all the time, if the school, parent cannot follow their good communication, that is caused possibly a series of psychological problem. Next month still will open whole advisory activity to university campus, hope students of can better help solve all sorts of psychology difficult problem.
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