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The expression of teenage psychology problem reachs its family source
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One, the expressional form of teenage psychology problem
According to our observation and analysis, the expressional form of problem of current teenage psychology has varied, main show is: Study is difficult, exam angst, be hard to deal a setback, adolescent sex psychology is screwy, the mood is not stable, ego out of control, psychology bears capacity is small, feebleminded, lack is self-confident, memory ebbs, attention is not centered, thinking is indigent, study result is not stable, appear on behavior fight, name-calling, lying, exam fraud, be disgusted with learns, kip, serious occurrence self-wounding or injury person phenomenon. Afore-mentioned a variety of phenomena, we undertook classify rightly, can divide roughly for: Study kind of problem, human impact kind problem, mood kind obstacle of problem, character kind problem and adolescent sex psychology kind problem.
1, the much that learns kind of problem to take issue of current teenage psychology.
Although some closer year come, door of Ministry of Education is pushing a quality to teach energetically all the time, but the shadow that should try education is worn in the worry all the time broad adolescent, of together with parents hope children will have a bright future psychology, to the exorbitant hope that children expresses, make there is enormous study pressure on teenage body. According to 1998 Beijing " current affairs of high school student signs up for " relevant investigation, the high school student be visittinged of 34% says, sometimes " because the homework is too much and keep back want to cry " ; The classmate that the acceptance of 58% investigates says, "Parents is dissatisfactory to his achievement " . Investigation makes clear, the high school student be visittinged of 45% feels current study pressure is too great, the person of close half the number often worries about parents of study result short of expect and prick prick, the high school student of 57% is " the destiny that exam achievement matters to him directly and future " and anxious. The psychological pressure that teenage pupil learns is greater and greater, those who cause spirit to go up is dejected, bring about effect of inappetence, insomnia, neurasthenic, memory to drop thereby, thinking is logy wait for a variety of symptoms to appear.
Exam angst studies kind of psychology in adolescent prominent place is taken in the problem. Major child has exam angst sentiment, just be serious degree differs just. Exam angst can make the child produces the obstacle on a few bodies, the commonnest is to have a headache, giddy, sleep bad to become aware, eat bad meal. The child with exam serious angst, the feel restless before often be being taken an examination of, be distracted. If often have serious exam worry, the feature of individual character psychology that may bring about the child to form cowardly, nervous, uneasiness.
2, human relation kind problem
Teenage human relation basically includes parentage, teacher-student relationship and classmate concern.
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