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258 teenage psychology seek advice from case analysis
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Adolescence is an implementation in the process developing with psychology in physiology what transform to the adult from children is important transitional period. To discuss the characteristic of problem of psychology of adolescent of this one period, right advisory data of psychology of my unit adolescent undertook ~ in October 2007 in October 2005 analysis, the report is as follows.
1 average data
The adolescent in seeking advice with psychology is research target, choose the age 7 ~ is 18 years old, choose 258 in all, among them male 111 (43% ) , female 147 (57% ) . Pupil 77 (30% ) ; high school student 113 (44% ) ; high school gives birth to 68 (26% ) .
2 results
2.1 appeal pattern seeks help actively 72 (28% ) ; other is persuaded, trick come ask 186 (72% ) .
2.2 families teach way. Parents ignores ignore 21 (9% ) ; parents is too severe, exacting 46 (18% ) ; parents often debases children 50 (19% ) ; parents caresses 78 overly (30% ) ; parents understanding is good-tempered 63 (24% ) .
2.3 advisory case study. Before a few elements according to action in chief are ordinal to study an issue (pressure is great, halfhearted, be disgusted with learns, exam angst) ; gets used to a problem (classmate, teacher, get along not harmonious, dissatisfactory to the school) sexual behavior of development of sex of; of problem of; mood, behavior is relevant problem of problem; family (close child conflict, parents leaves other, the family member dies) problem of affection of individual character of; of; healthy problem (love early, be lovelorn, homosexual) .
3 analysises
3.1 clinical psychology seek advice in, adolescent comes actively ask person little, be brought by parents likely, or suffer a teacher to suggest and come. On one hand teenage period cognitive ability is still poor, cannot differentiate what oneself encounter difficult property, lack social knowledge and experience again, do not know how to look for a person to help; on the other hand, teenage psychology characteristic: Attentively flinchs Dong of Song of quail of post  of  of Sao of C of  of  of Zheng of harmonious of attentively of divinatory symbols of Xing approach  carries Ba of vomit of establish of ⑾ of new moon of  of Qi of extensive of an insect destructive of the roots of seedlings of Wu of Chinese catalpa of   Lv Ai of  of  of noise of Χ of smile of  of skirt of common of Ge of R of flesh of ǖ of hammer of joyous   as hired hand in certain trades long day
3.2 undesirable parents teach the critical factor that means is character obstacle and neurosis. In seeking advice, discover a lot of issue performance are on child body, but root is in parental body and mind. Parents is main the problem is: Tomb figure changes  of  of Guo of hack of Jin of the sliding weight of a steelyard of  of Bei of  of Lu of Huan of happy Tao of Zan of pleasant high and steep to sincere  of Xi of  of Tao of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of burn toad ⒀ buys Gu of apprentice of port of word of  of Dan of annals of  of ⒆ hard  just cape of ū of Xi of Yong of 6 courtyard ⒆ carries  of " imperial mandate on the back Fei, make the child is done not have get warm feeling and lack safe sense. Already was in the 2nd revolt because of adolescent again period, easy generation is gone against turn over psychology, cause parentage tension. Expression of negative sex affection occupies dominant, make individual in should stimulate the meeting below condition to be at a loss, or self-condemned, keep out of the way, imagine and cannot face with positive attitude, solve a problem. Parental affection warmth, understanding answers means to show positive to close with what solve a problem, with self-condemned keep out of the way should show negative to close to means.
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