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The expression of teenage psychology problem and countermeasure
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Teenage period it is a transition that matures from babyish trend period, it is a young, red-blooded period, it is one begins to be stridden morely by the family social period, also be a change at the same time tremendous, face the period of a variety of crises. At present according to expert estimation our country junior high school gives birth to the agreement with insalubrious psychology for 15% , high school is born to be about 19% . Seek advice in psychology in, problem of teenage common psychology behaves a few following respects roughly:

Psychogenic disorder
In teenage psychology problem the commonnest the most serious also adolescent wanting number is depressed disease, because can give a family for the suicide that brings about by its,bring inestimable harm and loss. If the student experiences mood unpleasantness, glad to do not rise, be worried inside period of time; Become drab to the thing that is interested at ordinary times; Ponder over ability to drop, brain goes difficult concentration of blunt, attention, memory drops; Study lost motivation, person to change " lazy " even be disgusted with learns; Drop to achievement become be indifferent to or be indifferent to to what, ; And insomnia, whole body lack of power, inappetence; Feel living even the thought that does not have commit suicide of meaning, generation. Should as soon as possible asks for advice to seek advice at psychology, in case the further progress of the happening of undesirable consequence and disease.
Gregarious and scared disease also is the psychological problem with adolescent common adolescent, expression is see opposite sex expression is factitious, feel the face is red, be afraid of look following a person to be looked attentively at by people look to inspect or be afraid of, control does not live with " Yu Guang " the sensitive position that see a person or does not control a look to see the other side, feel others can see her (he) expressional change and embarrassed look, can have an insight into to be waited a moment to the idea of his heart, keep away from then other, affect the truck with others, very anxious and painful, but often because of semiotic have a bone in one's throat not dare go to a doctor, want to come out normally after work, feel really intolerable to ability seeks treatment, from come on cure already sufferred old even more than 10 years, force disease to also be put in similar case.

Sexual trouble and sex are bemused
Because teenage physiology demand and social behavior are normative after sexual consciousness arousal,the generation with vexed sex is contradictory be caused by. The origin with bemused sex is teenage mature to oneself sex development, sex physiology change produces magical feeling and exploration psychology. The tie as a result of social ethics morality and the mystification that teach to the gender, regular meeting causes teenage psychological conflict. They often think " the gender is bad " , " to opposite sex elder occurrence sex illusion is disgraceful " , " masturbation is harmful to the body " etc, appear to be depressed to negative opinion of the gender and exceeding sex. Carry the thorough research of all sorts of pair of neurosis, we have reason to believe, the ego of the waits to illusion of masturbation, sex severity that causes by wrong sexual idea is punished (of psychology or of physiology) it is one of important psychology causes that cause generation neurosis to happen, especially serious self-abased feeling, right the symptom such as person phobia. The boy is known to the mistake of dream of masturbation, seminal emission, sex, the inactive acknowledge that the girl resembles to illusion of menstruation, sex, him body and evaluation, peek maize kinescope, love early reach premature sexual behavior to wait, it is the psychological behavior issue with relatively outstanding adolescent. The change should be a of life psychology training serious content to sexual manner. Purify social conduct, the school begins mental health actively to teach (include sexual psychology to teach) , organize the activity of all sorts of rich and colorful that are beneficial to mental health of high school student, foster exalted sentiment and parent to change traditional idea, inchoate grant to the child healthy sexual education, it is very important that to the high school student's sex mental health develops, should accept major when necessary " sexual psychology seeks advice " , do not delay the child.
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