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5 decompression principle
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Was full of in our body many, fab by despotic mood. The consequence with potential fact of this be related is: By despotic pressure what can produce physiology to go up is counteractive, the directest is: It can attack our body break down, make we easily sicken. Accordingly, how is the society solved pressing is a capacity that must have when we face pressure.
One, face pressure with positive attitude. In the city that is full of competition, everybody can encounter all sorts of pressure more or less. But, pressure can be obstruction, also can turn into motivation, see oneself how be faced. The society is to be in what progress ceaselessly, person amid is not entered retreat, when should encountering pressure so, well-advised method is to adopt a kind of more positive attitude to face. When cannot bearing really, also do not let oneself be immersed in among them, can pass read a book, listen to music to wait, let the mood be loosened slowly come down, be faced again afresh. Arrive to often can discover pressure also is done not have actually at this moment so big.
2, strengthen confidence, increase pressure bear ability. For this, ought to strengthen the training of volition and boldness, foster oneself not Wei strong opponent, the spirit that dares to go all out in work.
3, decompression should see happy written guarantee first. Have a small allegory, say to a kind of small insect likes to collect a thing very much, on the way that has scrambled in it, as long as it is the thing that can come up against, its metropolis pick up will be put on the back, finally, small insect was pressed to die by the clog on the body. If the person can learn to accept or reject, institutional take part in a battle with light packs, the society is kind to him, everything does not follow him stronger, learn to pour out even abreact release oneself, can be the person still bent over to fall by life pressing?
4, be transferred moderately and release pressure. Face pressure, move is a kind of best method. Too heavy back did not use pressure, that is put do not go thinking it, turn attention to the thing that makes you relaxed and happy to come up. Wait for state of mind to adjust gentle later, already firm rise you, can you still fear the pressure before you? Do athletic sports for instance, athletic sports can make you abreact very well, after motion is over, you can feel very relaxed, can release pressure so.
5, put to pressure heart appreciate. Can life do not have pressure how? Really, think not labyrinthian life way, enter a higher school, obtain employment, find new job, move toward flourishing city from out-of-the-way countryside, each our track has taken below pressure. Without pressure, our life perhaps can be another about. When we enjoy the fun of the life to the top of one's bent, once should headache to letting us at the outset unceasingly pressure heart puts to appreciate.

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