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Duty field is worked in the same place to elbow out this how to do
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Everybody is in human association process, one choose a site for the capital has encountered cacique of so called opinion. Opinion cacique and the person that follow, can form small group, leader public opinion, the force that comparative is had on human network, can guide whole group to elbow out someone together even sometimes.

If student period shoulds not with opinion cacique, because each other do not have interests, it is an one should care his own business only at most; Once enter duty field to encounter similar case, not be to be paid no attention to accordingly can solve. Besides cause isolated and psychological pressure, more because the likelihood reduces work efficiency by sedulous create difficulties for sb.
Confront opinion leader elbow out, must assess a situation first, by means of interacts with the colleague at ordinary times, observe all whether true people elbows out you? Only opinion cacique elbows out you, is someone else pussyfoot only? Be perhaps oneself at all oversensitive? Occasionally its may not is like the how terrible in the imagination, must not get into a dead end.
Had been isolated elbow out by the colleague certainly, also want to be handled according to the object. If the other side is to follow his person of common business irrelvant, want oneself only EQ is quite tall, to his dispersed utterance or action, need not make any response, because human group is different, meet the opportunity is not great. But if the other side is contacted on the job with you frequent, cannot continue to maintain deadlock. Enemy appropriate sees unfavorable written guarantee, still had better reconcile with the other side.
Duty field reconciles 3 paces
The first pace, meditate first oneself are wrong. If the other side is not willing to tell you, can consult other staff, or the social justice personage in the office.
The 2nd pace, want to be able to be allowed, can bear. Keep back grievance is very painful, must put wide breadth of mind so, ability holds all issues. Opener idea is, the somebody on this world likes you, inevitable also somebody is fed up with you, it is normal originally, do not magnify painstakingly the part that be fed up with.
The 3rd pace searchs sue for peace to solve namely. Find out the other side to elbow out your reason, in reconciliatory process, beg in different it is very important to be the same as, the person that finds out bilateral and common interest, footing, understanding (relation) , territory, each other have be mixed, the problem is solved easily.
After trying all sorts of methods, in case the other side still does not agree to accept reconcile, at this moment the problem is absent oneself, and in the other side. After all a copperplate is knocked not noisy, also can let this deadlock continue only. Most him at least feel no regret of a simple move or action.
Undeserved friend should work in the same place
Good least of all way is to take battle. Defeat him the other side to become the opinion cacique, follow person that helps each other, through the other side the director is hit press him, this is negative practice, take what enrage of purpose to contend for. Once a company tastes tubal branch and the person in charge that produce a section to should not, both sides nags each other, cause company shipment defer, productivity to reduce, party, the other side and company are entire play away this war. Want to be sure to keep in mind undeserved friend so, the principle that can become a work in the same placing. The come-and-go on public affairs must be complained with straight newspaper, do official business according to official principle, lest affect work efficiency.
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