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Life program: The navigator with successful career
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Lack a clear dream, do not have a kind of design to life namely, be you get promoting mixing rarely probably cannot the reason of money of enough gain more. A few years ago, american writer built Er · rare Yi to publish a best seller, the title cries " trailblazer people " , he is in compose this book when, through a content very extensive " life course investigates questionnaire " , indirect ground visited 60 thousand many and the candlestick makers person, he discovers those mix the most successfully to oneself the person with the most satisfactory life has two common characteristics at least: The first, they like to have more close friends; The 2nd, they devote oneself to to achieve a goal that actually border ability place is hard to achieve. According to the research of rare Yi, these trailblazer people feel their life is very significant, and more long-term than those doing not have goal drives its forward person to be able to enjoy the life more. West of no less than has a proverbial place to say " if you do not know where you want,go, normally then your where also cannot go " .
Life program since comes true you are lifetime the schedule of the target, also be one implements the schedule of the countless less causes that those affect you to live daily. The design that life plans is to should make your attention rises centrally, what use you adequately is mental with physical strength. In fact, attention jumps over concentration, mental the use with physical strength is more effective. Life plans to be able to allocate your energy reasonably. It is 6 measure that life plans to design below.
One of measure: What is discover or making the main life target that is clear about you.
Aim of alleged and main life, should be you all one's life the fixed objective that pursues, all other issues in your life around move it and exist. To a few people, this job is the agreeable process that an ego discovers; But to another some of person, it perhaps is a painful process more. Because they need to pullback its mood to junior times, at that time they still do not have the dream that cherishs to oneself to generate doubt. The life that answers you to find or search is main target, you can ask yourself a few questions, for instance " who am I? ", why do I think " to be planted in the achievement in my lifetime career? ", " one one's deathbed reviews the past event, in lifetime most what is those who let me feel contented? ", which kind success " is in my daily life most make I produce achievement to feel? ".
Perhaps you can know what your ultimate goal is very quickly, but most person is not such. They often need to repeat these or the other and similar problem above to oneself in different situation before the ultimate goal that finds their. When every time raises such question to oneself, optional ground records next your gain. When beginning, they may do not have what meaning, but, for many times accumulate can let your suddenly see the light.
Happy person is such a kind people normally, namely his profession and lifestyle and his life aim photograph is consistent. For instance, one is having the person of endowment of consciousness of very strong organization, character and instruction tendency, wait for a profession probably from editor, teacher get in the life the biggest contented.
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