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Face EQ of ego of field of mood arrival duty to manage a method
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In the life, say to employee via often can hearing a leader, do not take the mood in the job, the wife says to the gentleman, do not come home mood belt, the teacher says to the student, how can you take mood and me to talk... aeriform the earth's surface amounts to these speech give us to be opposite " mood " fear and helpless. because such, a lot of people are in when facing a mood to come, often can handle undeserved, light influence routine, the serious human concern that can allow oneself even is damaged, make him body and mind tired out.
We are moods " servile "
No matter man, woman, enterprise CEO still is average employee, office white-collar still is builder, hard to avoid escapes of a kind of thing surround, that is a mood. Happy event, anger, sad, dread the basic sentiment of these 4 kinds of mankinds, formed rich affection element and exuberant vitality. Can so say, we are moods " servile " .
We reach a processing technique to the acknowledge of the mood, originate the school, parent and beside of the person ceaseless " teach " with " set an example " . These traditional moods manage a method, in actual test and verify, not only did not achieve accelerate the effect that grow, often still amount to the result that delivers harm sex instead. So the mood can let us so have a headache, because mood itself has a problem,not be, however we are insufficient to the understanding of the mood and understanding, the mood that used an error handles mode and method, so that brought a variety of results that we do not wish to see.
Daniel of American famous psychologist - of Gao Man " EQ " one book puts forward, one the individual's success, only 20%% is to rely on IQ, and 80%% is to depend on EQ. Now, the big company with a lot of well-known international is in when admitting a few crucial position, want to use EQ test. Correct EQ management concept is use science, the mood that human manner and skill will come to manage people, the openly value that be apt to brings with the mood and meaning help people success.

The EQ management method with invalid however tradition has 4 kinds normally:
Because a child lost beloved pencil sharpener and sad, at this moment his mom says: "Baby, mom buys a toy to you again, but you want guarantee against to cry, I just am bought to you. " beside us, often can see such case, when a person when because of certain thing sadness is sad, the friend beside him always can say: "You do not want again sad, we go taking a walk, bag goes for a spin. " the sadness that faces others, we always can let him do a few otherer the issue will replace he himself occurrent mood, this belongs to exchange EQ to administer a law.
A lot of people are in the sadness that faces others, fear, when get angry and waiting for a mood angrily, in persuade invalid circumstance to fall, often can use criticism, censure or the manner of rebuke treats him, especially the parent is right the child, the leader adopts this kind of method the most easily to subordinate, this belongs to penalty EQ to administer a law.
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