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Duty field personage is badly in need of psychology feeling pulse
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On April 19, lu wave heart disease breaks out Mcdonald's president Jiemusi Kanda of 60 years old die; On April 8, love sudden death of Yang Mai of president of division of China establishing a letter to be on ran machine; On August 4, 2003, contemporary group place belongs to Korea Zheng Mengxian of president of company of high mountain hill jumps the building commits suicide... the Fang Hong of Shanghai masses president that building suicide jumps before people still perhaps can associate. According to the staff member memory beside these bosses, before occurrence calamity, they face very severe profession pressure.
But, the profession presses muscularity and reflect not just go up in these boss bodies. Domestic and international investigation shows, the actuating pressure of impropriety is damaged not only individual, and the health that also destroys an organization. The professional pressure of employee and mental health and the effect that cause to the enterprise more and more getting that pay close attention to. Pressure and mood already made one of tasks with 21 centuries most urgent business management. Current, one is called employee to help a plan (EmployeeAssistantProgram, the service of abbreviation EAP) is entering domestic business.
Employee helps the source of the plan
EAP is initiative at going up century 50 time, prime target is World War II veteran. Till 70 time, it just is applied at the enterprise. 1971, an EAP major held water to organize in American los angeles, namely now the predecessor of international EAP association. The prime target of this orgnaization is to help employee settle the undesirable action such as excessive drinking. Be in the United States, closely related the development of EAP and the excessive drinking of 70 time and the problem that medicaments abuses. Arrived 80 time, EAP organization built CEAP society () of EAP attestation advisory division, initiated EAP to seek advice from division this one profession. Regard a professional EAP as worker, CEAP needs to achieve EAP to organize the standard of set, the most important is pair of a few specific information is confidential. Development of nearly 20 years, EAP had waited for behavior from medicaments of original excessive drinking, abuse correctional development is opposite to now the comprehensive help of individual problem, present EAP still involves the aspect such as development of style of culture of the organization related to employee psychology problem and working design, company, management, employee, the manpower endowment source control of increasing ground and enterprise is contacted together.
What the enterprise builds EAP is original depend on reducing cost with ultimate goal, improve efficiency. Develop as the society, more and more people think the psychological problem that cares employee is the responsibility of the enterprise, and the support that got judicatory respect. Accordingly, a lot of developed countries inspect EAP do social security and welfare.
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