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When does white-collar gens say no longer " tired "
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The expert thinks, the circumstance that does not have psychological pressure completely is nonexistent in the real life in us. If we assume the circumstances that does not have pressure completely exists, that compares the scene that has tremendous psychology pressure certainly more terrible. Changing a kind of view is, doing not have pressure itself is a kind of pressure.
No matter be contented,still be empty, pressure is followed with photograph of our form shadow; And those who accompany pressure generation is a series of overworked, sufferring is the harm on the body even. How to unscramble pressure better? What we need is the way that a kind of science settles.
Unscramble white-collar worry
As the development of science and technology, what modern society needs more is the mental work of high strenth, when the pressure that in the explanation the society develops to be brought to people place, place of hygiene of spirit of Beijing stable hospital plum of psychotherapy Shiwu dawn thinks, this can divide a respect to analyse: If be the matter that pursues oneself liking, the process of mental work is an excited process, this process can be brought a series of achievement feeling, can not feel the exhaustion of the body; And if be to be forced to work, pursue the matter that oneself are not willing to be engaged in, can have pressure generation.
Have pressure, cry out comes, the way that occasionally a kind of science settles can yet be regarded as. According to Japan " cerebral function institute " a research that has done makes clear, when tear shedding comes down, angst is able to eliminate, and keep back intentionally tear, angst can become more very grave. Apparent, cry can alleviate the mood of nervous, angst, be beneficial to healthy. But to " on the weekend wail a group of things with common features " , the expert reminds say, crying greatly blindly is not solve this, have fixed position correctly to oneself only, had coordinated all sorts of human relations in society, just be active lift.
Psychologist thinks, mood adjustment is get used to specific situation from the respect such as physiology, acknowledge, experience and behavior, the control of the adjustment that includes pair of mentation, behavior, it is one of main functions of self-awareness. Mood adjustment is a kind of activity process that gets used to social reality, it asks the mood reaction of people has sex of flexibility, meet an emergency and measurable sex, with making people can organize with having, constructive means, get used to social circumstances of change effectively, make individual ego is in balance, harmonious condition. Accordingly, quality of the mentation of mood and person, work efficiency, human relation, healthy, life closely related.
Interior chicken broth of the white-collar
To the reaction on the physiology that pressure place brings, the explanation says Wu Xiaomei: "Pressure guides the loss that incurs the body has a process. If people is engaged in for a long time controlling the job of muscularity, fast rhythm, and oneself won't the word of self-correcting, can appear gradually a few undesirable moods, bring about thereby inferior healthy, and inferior healthy main performance is: Mood depressed, anorexia, interest is not wide, do its ability not equal to one's ambition. If this period of time cannot get sufficient rest is mixed,adjust, also do not have any athletic fitness without any party activities already, if this kind of condition lasts all the time, can move toward depressed, depressed performance is: Grumpy, feel to be inferior to other, human relation from personal at every turn undesirable, self-abased, escape to be waited a moment with the person's contact; Serious depressed meeting brings about the generation of suicidal thought. Serious depressed meeting brings about the generation of suicidal thought..
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