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How to deal with working enthusiasm dried up
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Live yours when the job cordial and extinct, become the beginning of nightmare when the ring that go to work, dried up feeling may have become the profession of the travel before your duty field pull stumble.
The person with occurrence dried up profession likes the fish that loses water, suffer asphyxial anguish fully. According to investigation, the time with our generation dried up profession is shorter and shorter, some people work even 8 months begin to be tired of the job, and the job the person that 1 year the white posses of above exceeds 40% wants to find new job.
An investigation of Shanghai shows: In same post job the person that there is 33.3% in person of two years completely appeared the profession is dried up phenomenon.
Is the job cordial why to meet dried up?
Yes, you ever were known as " always motive " , wear with continuous cordial hug the job. Then, the boss is opposite ceaselessly you appoint with important task. But, some days, you feel him energy of no use, body is unwell, unusual suddenly be agitated... such, the profession is dried up came!
The profession is dried up, jobBurnout, from English literal we can read such news: It is the job let you arise by extinct feeling, you are in the condition of exhaustion of body and mind under the weigh that working namely. 1961, the name is " a dried up case " the novel causes sensation in the United States, the depict in the book because an architect works exceeding exhaustion, lost ideal and enthusiasm, escape toward Africa primitive forest. From now on, "Dried up " the field of vision that one word entered people.
Today, the job means cram oneself with food not only to us, we return rare ala to wear the friend is known in on-the-job field, get attributive feeling, get ego of esteem, implementation... but, you the job of that insipid, you the job of that intrigue against each other, you the work with that heavy pressure is attacked however broke the other dream besides your cram oneself with food, then, contemporary occupational disease -- the profession is dried up from this and unripe, the job is cordial escaped stealthily so.
Group of force of the person that the tall hair crowd with dried up profession basically includes to aid artificial author, job to throw, high pressure and ego opinion are low person. Investigation shows, seek advice from division from the psychology of personnel of course of study as psychology, because of the property helping a person that its work, have dried up industry the most easily however instead, 40% what hold total proportion; It is a teacher next, occupy 20% ; It is journalist, police in addition, cure protects personnel to wait.

The first hot spring: Draw map of a piece of life
Language of heart of dried up beauty: I 30 years old had done 8 years in this transnational corporation, meantime, the time that I used 5 years gives birth to hands or feet from an exercitation and climbed the position of sectional manager with the ground. Want to know, in us in company of this foreign country, sectional manager has been the top position that Chinese membership staff can obtain. Became sectional director of 3 years, everything is right for me already do a familiar work with ease. But, this kind of too easy and comfortable life did not let me feel relaxed not only, instead more and more be agitated, I do not know to be in the following in 20 years, my tomorrow the copy that whether will be today forever. I also had thought I do poineering work or trade a company, but the atmosphere that cannot be familiar with here however and liberaling firewood propose a toast. In this kind contradictory condition falls, I was become by inertial pushing those who go, the person that does not have direction.
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