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Will be raided end of the year to angst " field of duty of the end of the year i
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Report from our correspondent a few days ago, in the city that do not have stannum some town does Mr Xu of the job that tear open change, in carouse after a few cups of wine, eventually make bold to leader confide true character: Actuating pressure is too great, human relation is too complex, want to change a post next year. Will come end of the year, angst will raid. Concerned personage points out: Pressure is not in one day to form, in the mechanism that do not have stannum enterprise or business unit, lack the psychological dredge to employee generally, if be in at ordinary times,this respect much accentuation is inspected, will avoid gentle effectively to solve this to plant " field of duty of the end of the year is ill " .
A few days ago, the reporter walks into referral center of psychology of center of sanitation of the spirit that do not have stannum, wang Cuihua's doctor faces a batch of citizen that awaits psychology to seek advice, weigh apologize to the reporter continuously. Besides what wait, wanted on the telephone still make an appointment, there are 10 people that seek advice afternoon. As social competition aggravate, duty field pressure increases generally, the person of occurrence psychology problem increasingly grow in quantity, arrived especially the end of the year, because working index needs sprint, the job of next year plans to want to arrange, some is afraid still the squid that be fried, decrease firewood to wait, employee often secret trouble is more, depressed nearly one year a variety of is inferior to meaning also can erupt centrally in this phase. The essence that do not have stannum defends Mao Hongxiang of central director doctor to be being taken likewise fold anamnesis to tell a reporter, because duty field presses muscularity to bring about the person of mental angst to be able to be found everywhere, come the person that this sees a doctor is to had appeared the patient that sleep-disorder, angst affects the job badly to live. Be like a female of many years old 30, right at present two weeks of jobs that rest one day only feel wearily, add an unit human relation is complex, thinking exchange labor to make is not easy thing, because this anguish can'ts bear, spirit is dispirited, nightmare sleeps in night again and again.
"If they are in an unit to be able to provide psychological dredge and psychological help for them at ordinary times, that will alleviate effectively field of duty of this kind of the end of the year is ill " , a psychology seeks advice from division to say so. However, with be fond of those who invite counsel to form bright contrast is, basically retain psychological adviser without the unit. Wang Cuihua tells a reporter, be in without stannum, a few onlier army and school had organized psychological lecture a few times, the unit that can insist to begin psychology to seek advice all the year round is fewer, current and only. Without stannum limited company of electron of be good at vessel has solely invested company many 1000 employee, the psychological doctor that the company invites essence of life of the town that do not have stannum to defend a center undertakes psychology coach to the worker all the year round. Pass the interpose of psychological adviser, employee psychology problem decreases apparently. It is reported, the question that employee refers basically is centered in the problem such as the job, affection, pay, human relation. Psychological adviser answers besides solution their problem, still emphasize in these respects to give lessons to them.
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