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What why rise job is total be me?
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Small A is technician of some company maintenance, basically cooperate to produce a director to be in charge of a company producing what equipment and manufacturing life use phone to safeguard, maintain with maintenance. Enthusiasm of B of the ministry that taste a canal, intelligent, abound creativity, control those who reach facilities of of all kinds production to safeguard to producing Cheng have oneself original opinion, and like communicate with boss; And A is more indrawn, although be highlighted quite on the technology, and to whole production the process accuses what make and produce equipment to safeguard relatively someone else wins out to prepare, thing of in every case does not wish to bother a leader, most difficulty proper motion " solves " .
Some month, because individual reason offers resignation suddenly,the workshop is in charge of C, company decision promotes a first-class staff to replace C.A from interior with confidence tell oneself, because him technology level is higher, capability is stronger, experience is richer, and the work that desultory representative passes a workshop to be in charge of, the position that the workshop is in charge of is not him to not be belonged to. However, through ranking selection, final affirmatory B holds the post of workshop director. After this, because A misses the opportunity that promotes duty, although still carrying former technology, but working enthusiasm is inferior to apparently once upon a time, and think, with oneself level, the leader can discover this talent certainly, be in all the time so a kind of lazy expectation and in blaming condition.
X company workshop tastes tubal D, in old workshop job, mastered taste in the round accuse skill, at the same time the knew manufacturing government job content of exert a subtle influence on, can have the real operation of each post independently, and active enterprising, the help produces a ministry to reform innovation, obtained certain result, and never complain.
Spent a few months, group Y subsidiary changes as a result of the orgnaization, lack a workshop director that has experience, want from choose of other subsidiary interior. At the moment, a thinks, oneself have the capital that raises duty than anybody: It is oneself wait for a person to have an advantage than D to mastering of manufacturing facilities in the round, 2 it is the experience that oneself have independence management to produce a workshop. But final result is D is chosen to send be in charge of for the workshop. A then very bemused: The person that why promotes duty raises is always me? Have inequitable factor among them?
Everybody ever also had had the likelihood to be experienced similarly with A, ever also sighed with emotion: Consider ability, such-and-such colleague and I am about the same, mention a technology, I am a bit stronger than them, but the chance that faces litre of job, I always am the platoon is at the back of their. Why? Such too inequitable, still existing probably inequity
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