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Relaxed commentate press Ji of 9 big secret
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Although beside a lot of people bear heavy pressure, but also somebody always can relaxed commentate pressure, with optimal state of mind investment works and live. The expert investigates discovery, these " without pressure " the personage does not have an other place to have the following feature almost:   
One, be good at integral program  
"Everything all is mastering " , itself of this kind of feeling can alleviate well pressure. Selectively is not passive ground accepts what what can be faced with all sorts of things, make the person feels a lot of more relaxed probably. Best method lists according to its importance namely detailed list, can have program of a whole already, can help again will look be like the one caboodle problem that does not have mood to resolve a certain number of specific minor matter, deal with it is much easier to rise. Finish, go up in detailed list stroke, do brought achievement feeling enough to invigorate you to continue this one practice so.   
2, the as soon as possible when bewilderment pours out  
"Without pressure " the personage is in when feeling bewilderment, intractable or sad, total meeting conceals the ground to seek the friend's help none. Become very difficult when the thing or body defect angst when, recount to friend confide, it is to pour out itself merely, also can make the person is obtained release, still can receive good proposal probably.   
3, as far as possible optimistic  
"Without pressure " the personage believes, the way that the thing always can expect forward develops. So, always imagine best result with the upbeatest mood. All things that need does had been among progress, although encounter a trouble, regular also meeting with the swiftest speed readjust state.   
4, never delay tardily  
The thing that can do today won't procrastinate tomorrow, after the thing that can do at that time does not pull several hours. Because affection is putting aside a lot of things to was not done, itself can create enormous psychological pressure.   
5, be good at allocating task  
"Without pressure " the personage won't think anything have to relative strength is in person cannot. Assign the task, a lot of people can consider as boss the thing to subordinate. Actually, besides right inferior allocation beyond the task, admeasure of the work in the same placing that still can assign oneself or copartner, cent is other service orgnaization.   
6, do deep breathing   everyday
Daily deep breathing can the pressure level halve that will feel: Straight hind back, two shoulders are loosened, by bazoo general air deeply inspiratory lung, center energy to experience air to penetrate every cell, next main air expiration, outside imagining the pressure inside body also discharges body together as air current.   
7, often imagine good prospect  
With overshoot this the following good prospect comes to difficulty encourage oneself. "After a month, can I still repent for this thing? " " after a week, am I still met self-condemned to missed this meeting? " " after 5 minutes, can I a moment ago still give me to work in the same place embarrassed and rusty? " this kind turns the sight to the hypothesis in the future, can let the pressure before be released gradually certainly.   
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