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How dissolve employee defy psychology
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To the director, sure the pressure that has outstanding achievement, face the competition of the outside, always thinking all sorts of answering politic, think how should change ability defeat sb by a surprise action. But, no matter how you try hard to want to make a change, when be being communicated with employee however everywhere be rebuffed. Jump over in the heart urgent, cannot forgive more why stuff is not willing to change namely. Is stuff willing to change really? Want to let employee accept a change, true special difficulty? Before the reason that did not understand backside, arbitrary cognizance stuff is not willing to change or do not seek progress, it is very inequitable.
1. Cast off prejudice
Clew: Resisting a change is natural reaction, also be to need the process of classics
The statistic that runs advisory company especially according to the agree in American general shows, the stuff that has 20% only normally can support a change with all one's strength at the beginning, the employee of 50% supports indifferent attitude, the person of additionally 30% special to the change defy.
In fact, resisting a change is natural reaction, also be necessary process. Not be each person can accept a change whole-heartedly instantly, employee needs time to adjust, need the director's communication and help more.
Do business know, when the client has crosscurrent, should not think the client is a fault, and the idea that strong all the time thrust sells him, should understand the reason of crosscurrent backside. If is insoluble the client's problem, even if product also cannot continue to sell very much again.
2. Dissolve employee defy psychology
Clew: The director does not answer employee defy regard block up as
Face employee defy, the director should not emphasize the necessity of the change to employee ceaselessly, want to face up to the reaction of employee however, go understanding the reason of backside, dissolve employee defy psychology.
"The director does not answer employee defy regard block up as, and should regard as opportunity. " is professor of haing Buddha business school amounted to heart? Ji Ke says.
Employee is defied, show your some places may be not done good, did not say to be clear about for example, let employee generate doubt, or it is to did not provide enough assistance, how is letting employee do not know this good.
3. The right that limits each other is compulsory
Clew: Employee is not to oppose a change, care about the effect that causes to his individual however
Employee is not to not be willing to change, however more care about him himself to be able to be affected what kind ofly. Does mulberry of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of Switzerland of no less than manage an institute to teach Paul? Shi Cuibei Er says, have with respect to existence originally between organization and individual established " the individual is contracted " the right that will limit each other is compulsory. But the change destroyed original commitment likely. Just perhaps adjust the working content of employee a little, but to employee, he will naturally think of whether his rights and interests got affect. Whether should be he done more than in the past a lot of did not get corresponding pay however, or it is he must assume more responsibility, but attributive did not increase relatively.
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