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Psychological problem has many from the enterprise far
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Attentive person can find, the industrialist that those careers have should compare actual age to appear commonly Laoxu is much. The manager of domestic some private enterprise, the age does not pass four years old, white hair already mounted hair on the temples. Because general affairs is busy, below long-term enormous pressure, the body is frail, gastric ministry had tumor, be forced to send into the hospital. On sickbed, the person appears more aged, however, everybody knows, after leaving hospital, those who receive him is not comfortable and easy and comfortable life, remain brutal and intense market competition. After leaving hospital before long, he is sent into the hospital because of miocardial infarction again, life on the verge of death or destruction. The disease that place of this privately owned manager contracts and psychological element are relevant. In the discovery in the investigation of a little scope, the state of body and mind of entrepreneur makes a person can care.
Current, the expert that concerns a respect domestic and internationally's healthy to endangering manager estate personnel badly phenomenon made many research analysis. The result makes clear: 90 time endanger 20 centuries the 10 big killer of human health are the disease that concerns with psychological element entirely. And the tall danger crowd that entrepreneur just is a variety of diseases.
This is exaggerate sth just to scare people it seems that. A few countries begin to take the psychological problem of the enterprise seriously highly already. A lot of company mentality on international serve an organization to also be born in succession. For instance of the United States " employee plans " (abbreviation EAP) . The United States " fortune " in 500 big companies of world that the magazine chooses, the company that already had 80% above was installed " psychology serves an item " .
However, at present the psychological problem of Chinese enterprise has not cause business circles to take seriously enoughly. Especially in domestic major company, it is blank almost to psychological application. The idea of many controller and mode still stay in peaceful to strap a times. Reason this, figure ground compares somebody: Psychological service is requisite to the developed country, it is luxury to backward country, it is dressing to the developing country, namely dispensable. Company mentality problem cannot feel relieved for a long time, the healthy progress make use of condition of the person that affect enterprise and business management is in inevitable.
So, is the psychological predicament expression with common business in those respects?

Pressure is the amounts to Makelisi sword on head of the person that hang high at business management.
Psychologist thinks, one of the most serious problems that modern faces are pressure. Anybody cannot cast off the worry of pressure. Home of domestic and international not little psychologist, medicine began extensive pressure to answer research with advisory worker. Among them most the discovery of Doctor Saierye that the person notices, human body divides a level to the report of pressure: Alert, resistance and force exhaust. In alert phase, human body notices pressure source, preparation defies to it or evasive. In antagonism phase, human body proper motion overcomes what pressure causes to damage. But, if pressure source did not disappear, human body should maintain high vigilance with respect to the harm that suffers because of insuperable place. Such, you enter the 3rd phase -- force exhaust phase. If this kind of condition goes down continuously, your immune system may be destroyed. This is why entrepreneur is easy the physiology mechanism of sicken.
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