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Let you " abhor " 4 big errors of the job
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"Do not like the work that at hand is doing, so I found new job " , " a year, I suffer to my boss enough, want to change a job so " , we often can hear complain similarly. So, can appear in duty field a flock of " the person that jumps to jump " -- , work 3 years two, find new job 56 times. This kind of person sees much, the thing that HR manager thinks exclusively to search is aspirin -- , headache. The person that actually these jump to jump also is wanting to look for aspirin to solve a problem: Every do period of time to be able to feel, the job of at hand is not interest, drab, as dry as a chip, how does ability find the job that lets his be full of enthusiasm -- , headache.
This is the mistake that duty field new personality makes the most easily. In how to treat the job to go up, they still are put in a few errors. Duty field new personality preps according to please, whether do oneself also have similar problem:
Error one: Insipid the job
Some people can feel the job of others already simple interesting, and oneself work is too simple and feel snubbed, do not have a law to let a person like, some people feel again: Can find not to repeat, not inflexible job is good.
Actually, most job is reduplicative, the secretary hits a draft hits again, the doctor performs an operation to be moved again, the movie star pats a camera lens pats another again, it is to be in likewise repeat. Driving is reduplicative job, some taxi drivers make your journey very happy, some people make a person feel drab however. Where be respectively after all? Perhaps someone says: It is because of some drivers they live very happily, so ability can provide very good service. Rather, because provided very good service to the client,be, the mood of drivers just becomes cheerful.
Clew: As dry as a chip insipid not be the job, whether is should seeing you a person that has interest!
Error 2: Disgusting boss
Want to like to go up your job and colleague, boss, you must change your attitude. We should work hard, the purpose is not for please boss, not be to avoid of the boss more supervise, however for oneself. If a person is right the life, job is unmindful, will naturally be inferior to everywhere meaning, very eventful metropolis is done bad. The boss can allow employee without which 100 percent satisfaction, also cannot make others completely satisfactory to us like ourselves same. But when a member that becomes this company when you, should accomplish hammer and tongs, ought not to go pulling the hind leg of the person that pays you salary.
Clew: Malcontent to the boss, make what what you suffer bitter far over your boss, he is most loss a bit money, and you lost enthusiastic, self-respect and a paragraph of big precious life to experience however.
Error 3: Enjoy the life without time
If divide oneself life forcedly into " the job " with " recreation " two parts, as good as is to be in be impassable with oneself. Change an angle to go look upon our job and recreation, both is your life, like loving your job to resemble loving a person, when beginning, the likelihood indulges in fresh, stimulation, but long-term love is the hair choice from the heart certainly. Do oneself to love the thing that do, not be enjoy on intertropical beach at the same time, stretch his hand at the same time had received salary; Have deep love for a thing however, and throw all love, vigor and creativity, such going to that work, we just can be done so that have honor.
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