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The job that is the job that the choice is interested in or professional be gear
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The undergraduate meeting of strong finish school faces an awkwardness, be real working opportunity and long-term profession development is contradictory. Resolve this contradiction, want the element of the respect such as type of profession of give attention to two or morethings, industry, professional, position, district, real opportunity and economy.
Professional type is the mainest, it is your internal cause, did the work of own disinclination, very difficult abiding development, meeting of morning and evening faces a profession to change. Want to know, professional changeover is the business with a not small price.
Real opportunity is very crucial. Graduate profession is accumulated still is a piece of white paper, weak force is in in on-the-job field competition, wander outside the door from beginning to end without the opportunity. Enter duty field only, ability participates in game, accordingly, the opportunity is entrance ticket, capture succeeded.
Industry, major and district are relatively simple, passivity is subject to professional type and real opportunity, do not go caring about.
Position need not consider more, without 2-3 year working experience and profession are accumulated, did not choose the qualification of position at all. Had a profession to accumulate, good position can look for you.
Economic condition is a good target, economy props up the room that has a choice and time, to what be interested direction can continue to pay close attention to and be accumulated, perhaps change major to read directly grind. Be faced with still aid learn loan, feed oneself even family, catch real opportunity to say again first rapidly, because economic condition does not allow you,talk about professional program now.