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Do you have disease of panic of duty field age
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Disease of alleged age panic, it is to show the age is in normally 25 ~ duty field person of 40 years old, to a kind of angst that him duty field behaves. The main show form of this kind of angst is to the age flurried, think gutty " when prep before I " sense of urgency. From the point of the case study of deep administrative levels, main fractionize is the following 4 big fields:
Achievement is panicky
Common saying says, 30 and stand. Everybody is not in duty field however is successful person, because his career was not become and the person of 30 years old of many above feels panicky, they can produce negative psychology, think oneself cannot see future, cannot see a hope, many people deeply oneself prospect worries. After psychologist studies, discover, the person arrives middleaged face the risk that is dismissed by the boss at any time, because of passing 35 years old be repelled by place of information of numerous invite applications for a job, this kind of psychology also cries " 35 years old of phenomena " .
Marriage Yo is panicky
Excessive the person at the career, often can appear the negligence to the family. A few people also struggle in important post course of study or the hard choice that want the child all the time, often when render outstanding service and be famous when, perhaps had the method of make the best of both worlds, had missed however bear optimal period. To pregnant angst, "Unripe (the child) " expected to had been replaced " litre (duty) " original intention.
Fixed position panic
While people is choosing profession, station freely, also can have unemployment or be opposite when the profession is dissatisfactory, produce professional crisis the most possibly have 4 period of time: The fixed position crisis that may appear when choose course of study namely, job the 40 years old of or so the crisis of obtain employment rising job that 5 ~ may appear after 7 years, direction crises that appear possibly, rice bowl crisis that passes a likelihood 50 years old to appear, and in these 4 kinds of crises, what make duty field go-between bemused most is " fixed position crisis " .
Psychological countermeasure:
Establish next real causes to have the middleaged person of age panic, can list oneself job plan, want how to much finish to also want to have a specific target everyday, avoid by all means disregards him practical capacity decides a goal at will.
Place marriage Yo to plan to should plan marriage Yo to label the one part that professional career plans. Marriage Yo plans cannot oversight, because this involves the issue of integral profession program that can affect you, also be the one part with individual life important program, cannot make the life because of the job not whole, after all the development that life needs to balance.
The mood that institutional adjustment state of mind wants to let his is loosened come down, the society faces reality with gentle state of mind, when should sensing tremendous psychology pressure and the mood such as occurrence sadness, indignant, resentment, want to be brave in to pour out to close friends, in order to eliminate undesirable mood.
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