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The diagnostic standard that forces disease and differentiate diagnose
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According to the diagnostic standard of CCMD, the diagnostic standard that forces sexual neurosis is as follows:
Diagnostic standard:
Point to a kind of neurosis that gives priority to with forcing a symptom, its characteristic is conscious ego force and force to coexist instead, both conflicts strongly it is painful to make the patient feels angst is mixed; The patient learns a concept or actuation department originates ego, but disobey him apiration, although do his utmost to resist, uncontrollable however; The patient also realizes the unusual sex that forces a symptom, but cannot cast off. Defer of course of diseases person can ceremonial movement is given priority to and mental anguish is reduced, but social function is damaged badly.
Semiotic standard:
(1) accords with the diagnostic standard of neurosis, give priority to in order to force a symptom, have at least following 1:
① is given priority to with forcing a thought, include to force idea, memory or idea, force a gender the contrary idea, poor Lv that think of exhaust, fear to lose accuse ability to wait oneself;
② in order to force action (movement) give priority to, include to relapse catharsis, check, examination, or the inquiry;
③ is afore-mentioned mixture form;
(2) patient says to force semiotic him traceable heart, be not forced by others or outside influence;
(3) forces a symptom to appear repeatedly, the patient thinks no point, feel unhappy, painful even, because this tries to resist, but cannot be successful.
Serious standard: Social function is damaged.
Standard of course of diseases: Accord with semiotic standard at least already 3 months.

Differentiate diagnose:
1 , differentiate with normal person photograph: Normal philtrum has a part to extract forces sexual symptom, but they and force disease to differ, the symptom does not last, also do not affect social function.
2, differentiate with depressed disease photograph: Because the disease tangles,force disease patient body, long treat do not heal, can generate depressed sentiment, appear even inactive idea, but from without suicidal behavior, the slow to outside scarcity interest, thinking, action with depressed disease is slow reach the mood is low have not.
3, differentiate with schizophrenia photograph: In the schizoid inchoate also express existing force a symptom, content of symptom of Dan Jijiang approach is bizarre, baffling, do not accompany have apparent mood reaction, the ego that lacks consciousness forces and compel an experience, besides these symptoms, it still has other symptom, be like the obstacle of respect of thinking, logic, lack knows force to wait oneself.
4, differentiate with phobia photograph: Bloodcurdling object originates objective reality, it is strong to certain and specific thing or place generation horrible sentiment. If fear acerb sharp weapon, be afraid of the insect to wait, because this often has evasive action; And the object traceable that forces disease is subjective experience, its are evasive behavior and force sexual suspicion and concern to concern.
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