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Force disease cure, how to treat force disease
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Force disease to cannot be afraid of, the key depends on you whether face it brave and sensibly, conquer it, let it also do not force you again, if you have this resolution, ask you to might as well force disease to treat a method according to what his circumstance tries the following kinds of ego.
Force disease to treat a method (one)- - law of let matters drift
This law depends on reduce and relaxing mental pressure, everything let matters drift, should do how how, finish to think it no longer, evaluate it no longer. It is good to if seem to have the thing forgot to take,do not take it, it is good that afraid door does not have a lock to do not have a lock very much, the thing seems to did not clear away dirty random move clean. The effort that passes period of time will overcome the angst sentiment that brings from this, the symptom can be eliminated slowly.
Force disease to treat a method (2)- - law of bottom of dig probe into
Say according to the depth psychology, let a patient realize the real reason that causes psychological disease, conduce to semiotic elimination, so you can rely on yourself or the family member comes from the following clew the traumatic sex incident of dug childhood:
1, young when the harm sex event that has accepted (wait like going-over, abduct, seduce)
2, young when the harm sex incident that causes to other (if make the person causes incomplete, death, make property is damaged badly)
3, young when with you most the person of animosity and you most the experience that the person that apology remorses lives together. At the same time you are returned should the prime cause of dug symptom and hidden meaning.
Force disease to treat a method (3)- - full fill law
Say simply, let your bring into contact with at a draught namely most fearing thing, have compelling clean hobby e.g. you, ask you to sit in a room, loosen, close double key point gently, the assistant that lets you is in on your hand on besmear all sorts of liquids, and the describes you hand of effort has many dirty, at this moment you want as far as possible tolerance, open when you open one's eyes, those who discover the hand is not you to imagine is so dirty, to the thought can be a blow, only the imagination comes out cannot be borne namely; If really very dirty, the actuation meeting that you wash your hands increases greatly, at this moment your assistant will prohibit you wash his hands, you will be very painful, but should hold to hard, as the addition that practices a time, angst is met gradually subsidise, but the person with more powerful force of comfortable acceptability annals has this way.
Force disease to treat a method (4)- - systematic desensitization law
Learn relaxation method first, next by it is difficult to arrive easily listed the number that forces sexual behavior and exasperate circumstances, fall to every kinds of circumstances again force behavior to undertake relaxation desensitization gradually, wash his hands addiction, should decrease step by step wash one's hands time, increase the exciting amount of spoil, ordinal carry out go down.
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