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Overcome psychogenic disorder, jiao Zhi impediment is not difficult
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Long-term impediment caused severe psychological depression to a lot of impediment patients. They always feel him inferior to others, whats are no good, as time passes, produced a kind of mistake " ego image " . Alleged " ego image " , namely " I am a what person " self concept, this is by ego belief fashion into. Once assemble concept of this kind of self psychology, can think it is true, and can press it to go act.
The person's cerebra and neurological be just like to compare the automaton with more magical and sophisticated computer, the information that it can provide according to oneself place is operated. If you offer information is: Be no good, the negatory ego image such as incapacity, so it is operated with unsuccessful attitude, cite the result to failure; If you are offerred information is adverse, so the result is contrary also. "Ego image " the master switch that is this machine. Be in only " ego image " correctional after coming over, the correctional ability of impediment gets remarkable result.
The cerebra of the cerebra of impediment patient and verbal and normal person is same, the successful function that is it only by impediment person oneself were destroyed. We are very much person often the ego image with negative hold of not self-conscious ground, inadvertently ground -- the colloquial ability that crosses low-lying him estimation, estimate the difficulty that faces exorbitantly; The habit imagines unsuccessful picture, design unsuccessful object for oneself. This is a lot of impediment person the immanent cause of correctional failure.
How to model brand-new ego image? Above all, affirm: Oneself verbal expression function is normal, healthy, impediment is verbal error only. Normal person conversation also has the place of error, I am inevitable also of course. Place to oneself in brains so " can go " image, when dialog, talk, do not make any preparation, want to say, none hesitant. Want you to be full of enthusiastic ground to say only, unobstructed says in a gradually word while, what note the respect such as the dialect that corrects oneself, expression, rhythm again is insufficient.
If you return the ego image that cannot establish affirmation temporarily, can use an imagination to assume a new ego image, in the form that throws oneself future, be imitated according to this new ego, perform and make its come true hard.
Anyhow, to impediment patient, the psychogenic disorder that overcomes pessimism, establish a self-confident heart, not far from Jiao Zhicheng result.