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The expression that forces disease forces the symptom of disease
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What is to force disease?
Forcing disease is in order to force idea and a kind of neurosis that force a movement to be main show. Force to force to exist at the same time instead with conscious ego with conscious ego for the feature, the patient knows perfectly well those who force a symptom to exist continuously fine long hair is insignificant and unreasonable, appear what cannot exercise restraint however repeatedly, it is to attempt hard to boycott more, feel insecurity and anguish more instead. Defer of course of diseases person can ceremonial sex act is main show, although mental anguish alleviates significantly, but its society function is damaged badly already.
Force the expression of disease:
The semiotic expression that forces disease is varied, can appear alone for some symptom already, also but amount to is planted the symptom exists at the same time. Inside period of time semiotic content can be secured relatively, as the elapse of time, semiotic content can be changed ceaselessly. Force the symptom with common disease to behave as follows:
One, force an idea: Namely some kind associates, the contrariwise such as idea, memory or misgive appears repeatedly, control hard.
(one) force to associate: Associate repeatedly a series of calamity can happen, although know perfectly well impossible, cannot exercise restraint however, shunt excitation has mood insecurity and fear.
(2) force memory: The work that recalls what once had done to not matter repeatedly, although know perfectly well extremelying He Yiyi, cannot exercise restraint however, blame recollect repeatedly cannot.
(3) force misgive: Correct to oneself action, generate needless doubt, want to be checked repeatedly. Whether had closed really like window of door of the misgive after going out, go back several times repeatedly examination. Feel otherwise angst is disturbed.
(4) force consider carefully: Undertake iteration reflection to natural phenomenon or the incident in living daily, know perfectly well fine long hair insignificant, cannot exercise restraint however, if think repeatedly: "House why Chao Na and not day north. "House why Chao Na and not day north..
(5) force contrary thinking: Two kinds of contrary expressions or concept appear in succession in the head repeatedly, and feel affliction and strain, if think of " support " , appear instantly " object " ; Respecting " good person " when think of namely " rascal " etc.
2, force an action: Force sexual act and travel to if the patient forces the anxiety that the idea causes and trouble to cast off,be given priority to, and a kind of when be forced to adopt compliant behavior. It includes the following fields:
(one) force catharsis: Wash his hands for many times repeatedly or wash thing, always cannot cast off in the heart " feel dirty " , know perfectly well already washed clean, cannot abstain and rather than to wash however cannot.
(2) force to check: Normally with force misgive to appear at the same time. The patient is not at ease to knowing perfectly well the business that already had done, check repeatedly, if check the door window that already had locked up repeatedly, turn over the Zhang sheet with good to already was being written check, correspondence or manuscript.
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